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Rebranding Top Roblox Games with AI Art Generator

Author: DERF FLAMINGTime: 2023-12-29 07:45:00

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Using DALL-E 3 to Recreate Roblox Game Art

DALL-E 3 is a powerful text-to-image generator that can create impressive artwork. In this section, we will explore using DALL-E 3 to recreate and reimagine the art and icons from various popular Roblox games.

Attempting an Obby Art Recreation

The first game we tried to recreate art for was a Roblox Obby game. The icon shows a Roblox character with bacon hair jumping a bike between roads in the sky. I prompted DALL-E 3 to generate 'Roblox Obby but you are on a bike, cinematic lighting, cartoon still.' However, the images it created, while high quality, did not match the actual game art well. They showed more realistic looking people on bikes in various settings, not the Roblox style we were going for. This shows the limitations of AI art generation - it struggles to precisely match a desired style without very detailed prompting. I tried rephrasing the prompt with terms like 'stupid Roblox character' and details about jumping between roads on a bicycle. But unfortunately, the new images were still off-target, showing oddly composed scenes of bikers. This demonstrates how difficult it can be to get AI image generation to produce an exact idea from your head - it takes very precise language and descriptions. As an actual human graphic designer would likely interpret such a prompt better and with more context.

Generating a Block Fruits Character

Next, I had DALL-E 3 try generating artwork for the Roblox game Block Fruits. The game icon features a powerful swordsman, so I tried prompting the AI to create the 'strongest player to ever live with a sword, cinematic lighting, movie still.' The resulting images were very dramatic, showing demonic characters and warriors wielding swords. But again, they weren't very accurate to the Block Fruits style and character. Getting an AI to generate something to match an existing visual style is very difficult! I think this shows that while AI art has incredible creative potential, it still falls short when you want something very specific. Human graphic artists leverage years of practice along with cultural/contextual understanding to nail artistic styles and mediums. AI has come a long way but still has plenty of room to improve for tasks requiring lots of precision or inference.

Blade Ball Samurai Slicing a Balloon

For the game Blade Ball, which features samurai sword art, I tried prompting DALL-E to generate a 'Roblox player in samurai outfit slicing red balloon.' Amusingly, the AI seemed to struggle with the concept of 'slicing,' creating images showing characters merely looking at or standing near red balloons, but not actually cutting them. When working with AI to generate art, you really need to detail every element, or it may interpret prompts quite literally and oddly. Getting the phrasing just right is critical but difficult with AI art. It has come a long way in understanding natural language better, but still takes things very literally. Humans innately make inferences and have cultural understanding to interpret loose prompts, but AI does not. Every element needs to be explicitly described for the best results. I'm sure with further training updates, AI artistic ability will continue advancing impressively!

Hit or Miss AI Art Results for Roblox Games

While creating AI generated art for Roblox games had its ups and downs, some results were quite aesthetically pleasing and imaginative. However others completely missed the mark on what I was going for. In this section we'll look at a few more examples of both great and not-so-great AI art from DALL-E 3 for additional popular Roblox titles.

Best AI Artwork Successes for Roblox

When fine-tuned properly, AI image generation can produce beautiful, creative artwork. Here are some of the best examples DALL-E 3 came up with for certain Roblox games, showing the potential of this technology when guidance is good.

Epic Brookhaven Roleplay Album Cover

For the massively popular game Brookhaven RP, I prompted DALL-E 3 to generate concept art showing 'someone on electric guitar, someone on drums in front of waterfall, shops, slide, benches, trees.' The goal was to visually encompass elements of the game's open world concept. And the resulting art DALL-E produced was downright stunning, looking like a professional rock album cover! With vivid colors, detailed landscapes, and emotive characters, this image blew me away in capturing the essence and feel of Brookhaven RP in an exciting way. When provided great descriptive starting points, AI can leverage its deep learning visual intelligence to cook up some seriously legit artwork.

Creepy Mansion Door Monster

Seeking eerie art for the scary Doors game, I asked DALL-E 3 to fabricate a 'scary door of a mansion with creepy monster.' The output was effectively spooky and atmospheric - a creepy green-faced phantom peering out of an ornately carved wooden door. The detailing on the door in particular was quite impressive and intricate. This piece demonstrated AI's ability to generate effectively scary and convincing horror visuals when given the right descriptive guardrails. I was stunned with how effectively DALL-E manifested a creepy haunted mansion vibe in this artwork - a huge win!

Conclusion and Thoughts on AI Art Generators

Experimenting with using DALL-E 3 to recreate and reimagine Roblox game art was tremendously fun and eye-opening. When prompt language is dialed in cleanly, AI can output some phenomenally legit professional caliber visuals, demonstrating major advancements.

However, it also remains easily tripped up trying to precisely match styles or ideas without extensive fine-tuning. Human artists and designers still dominate for precision work or mimicking existing aesthetics. But for fresh, loosely-guided creative riffing, AI generators like this have become massively capable.

Moving forward as the technology advances, I think AI art generation poses no threat to human artists, but rather will become an incredible enhancing tool. With human guidance directing the style and high-level ideas, paired with AI's creative generation capabilities, teams could design fantastic original content rapidly. Exciting times ahead!


Q: What Roblox games were used to test the AI art generator?
A: Games used included Obby, Block Fruits, Blade Ball, Brookhaven RP, Doors, and more popular Roblox titles.

Q: How accurate was the AI art compared to actual Roblox game art?
A: The accuracy varied greatly depending on the prompts used. Some results were very inaccurate while a couple game arts were remarkably close to the real images.

Q: What were the best AI generated artworks?
A: The Brookhaven Roleplay album cover and the creepy mansion door monster were standout pieces recognized as the best artworks created by the AI.