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Revolutionize Your Clash of Clans Hero Gameplay with Exciting New Hero Equipment

Author: Clash of ClansTime: 2024-01-01 04:20:02

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Introducing Hero Equipment - Take Your Clash of Clans Heroes to the Next Level

The exciting new Hero Equipment feature is coming soon to Clash of Clans! This revolutionary update will expand your Hero gameplay experience by unlocking new powers, attributes, and customization options. In this blog post, we'll provide an in-depth look at what Hero Equipment is, the different types available, the game-changing abilities and boosts they offer, how to equip them to support your attack strategy, upgrading requirements, and more. So get ready to take your Heroes to the next level with Hero Equipment!

What is Hero Equipment?

Hero Equipment introduces new active and passive abilities, as well as attribute boosts like increased hit points, damage, and attack speed for your Heroes. These powerful upgrades slot into two equipment pieces available for each Hero, allowing you to customize their powers and stats to suit your play style and attack strategies. Hero Equipment also unlocks the current Hero Abilities you already know and love, integrating them into the equipment system. So you won't lose any existing Hero functionality - they'll only grow stronger!

Hero Ability Expansions and Enhancements

The main Hero Abilities will now reside in special Hero Equipment pieces, while new secondary and tertiary powers provide expanded strategic options. For example, the Royal Champion could gain an ability allowing her to periodically render enemy Clan Castle troops inactive for a short time after destroying a certain number of buildings.

Two Types of Hero Equipment: Common and Epic

There will be two main types of Hero Equipment in terms of rarity - Common and Epic. Common Equipment can be unlocked by upgrading your Village's Blacksmith building to particular levels. Epic Equipment will be accessible through special limited-time events and provides the most potent powers.

The two varieties also differ in their maximum upgrade levels. Common Hero Equipment pieces can be upgraded to level 18, while Epic pieces go all the way up to level 27 for even more imposing attributes.

Common Hero Equipment

Common Hero Equipment will provide solid baseline upgrades and abilities that make your Heroes more versatile and effective. With upgrades like periodic damage boosts against certain targets or faster ability recharge rates, Common gear bolsters your attack capability. By diligently upgrading your Blacksmith as you progress, you'll unlock the full range of Common Equipment to mix and match.

Epic Hero Equipment

Epic Hero Equipment takes your Heroes' power to awe-inspiring new heights! These extremely rare pieces confer game-changing powers like summoning additional troop reinforcements, massively boosted attributes, splitting Hero attacks into multiple projectiles, and more! While Epic gear will arrive shortly after the Hero Equipment update launches, you'll need to compete in special events when they appear to add this elite-tier equipment to your collection. The rarity and potency of these pieces makes them well worth the effort!

Hero Equipment Provides New Powers and Attribute Boosts

Now let's explore the various upgrades Hero Equipment confers in more detail. The main draw is an active power with a cooldown timer or passive power with a scaling chance of triggering. But pieces can also boost key Hero attributes like hit points, damage, and attack rate for even greater benefits.

Main Powers - Active and Passive Abilities

The core of every Hero Equipment piece is the main power - either an active ability with a cooldown between uses or a passive power that has a percentage chance to trigger on every Hero attack. These main powers provide big new strategic options, like the Royal Champion occasionally stunning the closest enemy defense for a few seconds, allowing your other troops to advance unhindered.

Secondary and Tertiary Powers

In addition to the main power, some Hero Equipment pieces confer secondary bonuses triggered under certain conditions, like a chance to reduce a Hero's ability cooldown with every attack against walls. Meanwhile, tertiary powers provide attributes boosts scaling with the piece's level, which we'll explore next.

Attribute Boosts - Hit Points, Damage, Attack Speed

All Hero Equipment provides boosts to key Hero attributes like hit points, damage per attack, and attack speed. For example, a Barbarina's Mirror Shield piece would grant escalating hit point bonuses with every upgrade level. Carefully reviewing these tertiary attribute perks on gear can help you choose complementary combinations to create the ultimate bespoke Hero!

Equipping Hero Equipment to Suit Your Strategy

With so many impactful powers and bonuses on offer, the key is slotting Hero Equipment that synergizes with your attack plans and play style. Fortunately, the system makes this easy with two equipment slots available per hero.

Each Hero Has Two Equipment Slots

You can equip up to two pieces of Hero Equipment onto each Hero in your army. Analyze the powers and benefits of each piece to identify ideal combinations. For example, slotting a Mask of Shadows (invisibility) and Titan's Treads (speed boost) onto your Grand Warden could enable him to quickly traverse the battlefield cloaked.

Choosing Equipment to Support Your Attack Strategy

Carefully consider your common attack plans and strategies when selecting Hero Equipment to optimize synergy. If you frequently use mass witches or skeleton attacks, pieces boosting summoned troop attributes could be ideal. This deep customization and specialization potential is what makes Hero Equipment such a game-changer!

Upgrading Hero Equipment

Like troops, spells, and other upgrades, you'll need to invest resources to upgrade Hero Equipment and unlock its full potential. The requirements and materials differ between Common and Epic rarity tiers.

Upgrade Requirements Vary by Rarity

Upgrading Common Equipment to higher levels requires steady infusions of a resource called Shiny Ore, which can be obtained as bonus rewards after multiplayer battles. You'll also need Glowy Ore, a rarer material, to upgrade key high-level Common pieces. Meanwhile, Epic Equipment utilizes Shiny and Glowy Ore too but also requires the ultra-rare Starry Ore for top-tier upgrades. This special material can only be earned through Clan War rewards.

Collect Resources to Upgrade Equipment

Be sure to diligently collect Shiny, Glowy, and Starry Ores whenever possible from bonus rewards, clan wars, special events, and other features. Investing them into the best Hero Equipment pieces will give your strategies a big boost! Upgraded gear also unlocks additional secondary and tertiary powers, making maxing equipment a priority.

The Blacksmith - Your Hero Equipment Headquarters

Now let's explore the Village building that serves as your Hero Equipment headquarters - the trusty Blacksmith! This is your one-stop shop to unlock and manage all your gear.

Unlock Common Equipment by Upgrading Blacksmith

Upgrading your Blacksmith is the key to unlocking new Common Hero Equipment pieces. Each new Blacksmith level gains you access to additional gear varieties. So make sure to diligently upgrade your Blacksmith as you progress to build a strong Common Equipment collection and empower every Hero!

Access All Equipment and Resources

In addition to unlocking Common Equipment, your Blacksmith also serves as the central repository to access and manage ALL your collected Hero Equipment pieces, both Common and Epic. You can view your full inventory here along with all collected upgrade resources like Shiny, Glowy, and Starry Ores. Equipping gear, comparing alternatives, and investing materials into key upgrades should become a regular habit!

Conclusion - Embark on an Epic Hero Journey

Hero Equipment represents the dawn of a bold new era for Heroes in Clash of Clans. The myriad abilities, customization, and power growth potential make this feature an absolute game-changer and thrill to explore.

As you unlock Equipment, experiment with synergistic combinations, and accumulate upgrade resources - your Heroes will ascend to even greater glory. We can't wait for you to embark on this epic journey! So get that Blacksmith upgrading and gear up your Heroes for ultimate destruction.


Q: What is Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans?
A: Hero Equipment is a new feature that provides additional abilities and attribute boosts for your Heroes, taking them to the next level.

Q: What are the two types of Hero Equipment?
A: The two types are Common Hero Equipment and Epic Hero Equipment.

Q: What kinds of new powers does Equipment provide?
A: Equipment introduces new active and passive Main Powers. Some also have secondary and tertiary powers, along with attribute boosts like extra hit points, damage, and attack speed.

Q: How do I upgrade Hero Equipment?
A: You need to collect Resource items by completing Star bonuses and Clan Wars. Different Resources are used to upgrade Common vs Epic items.

Q: What is the Hero Blacksmith building?
A: The Blacksmith is where you unlock Common Equipment pieces and access all your Equipment and Resources.

Q: Can I lose my existing Hero Abilities?
A: No, your current Hero Abilities are moved to special Equipment pieces so you don't lose anything.

Q: When does Epic Hero Equipment become available?
A: Epic Equipment won't be available initially but will come very soon after launch via special events.

Q: What should I do to use Hero Equipment?
A: Make sure to regularly visit your Blacksmith to unlock Equipment, and collect Resources by completing attacks and Clan Wars.

Q: How high can I upgrade Common vs Epic Equipment?
A: Common Equipment can go up to level 18, while Epic Equipment can reach level 27.

Q: What Magic Items can I use on Hero Equipment?
A: You will be able to use Hammers and Books of Heroes on various Hero Equipment items.