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Roulette System Yields Big Winnings: The Holy Split Strategy

Author: CEG Dealer SchoolTime: 2024-01-26 17:25:01

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Introducing the Holy Split Roulette System

The Holy Split roulette system is a straightforward yet exciting betting strategy submitted by John Gin. It focuses on the 12 horizontal split bets, meaning numbers that touch the middle column of the roulette wheel. By strategically placing bets on these split numbers, the Holy Split system provides a great chance to win big payouts.

The odds of different outcomes have been calculated - there is a 37% chance of losing the bet, a 31% chance of hitting a lucrative split bet jackpot, and a 32% chance of hitting a regular number for a nice profit. With big potential payouts and favorable odds, the Holy Split seems like an intriguing system to try.

Understanding the Holy Split

The Holy Split system is simple to understand. 12 split bets are placed, covering all the numbers that touch the middle column. The bet sizing is $50 per split. When any regular number hits, the payout is $100 profit. When a split number hits, the jackpot payout is $250. The goal is to hit one of the highly rewarding split bets. However, even regular number hits result in a solid profit. So it's a system with big upside and limited downside.

Calculating the Odds and Payouts

Based on the structure of the bets, there is a 37% chance of losing on any given spin. However, the payouts are generous enough that you can withstand some losses. When a regular number hits, you win $100 on a $50 bet. That's 2:1 odds, which is common in roulette. The exhilarating part is when you hit a split - that pays out a whopping $250 on your $50 wager, for odds of 5:1. This big jackpot payout occurs 31% of the time. To sum up - you have roughly a 1 in 3 chance of a nice win, 1 in 3 chance of a big jackpot, and 1 in 3 chance of losing. Those are favorable chances for the player.

Seeing the Holy Split in Action

Seeing a roulette system played out in real life is invaluable for understanding how it works. The video demonstrates two test runs of the Holy Split - one by the host Timmy, and one by his co-host Alex.

In both cases, all 12 eligible split bets are placed systematically. $50 goes on each split number for $600 total on the table. Then the wheel is spun and excitement builds as the ball lands. Both test runs result in big payouts, illustrating the profit potential of this system.

First Test Run of the System

In the first test, Timmy takes a turn using the Holy Split system. He methodically places all 12 split bets in an organized pattern while explaining what he's doing. The very first spin leads to a split bet win of $250. Timmy exclaims "that's a jackpot!" as he collects the chips. He continues playing and hits two more split bet jackpots in quick succession. In just 3 spins, the $600 investment yields $750 in profit - a convincing start for the system.

Switching Players and Trying Again

After Timmy's streak of luck, Alex takes over to prove the Holy Split can work for different players. The co-hosts switch seats and Alex places the bets. Once again, positive results come quickly, with Alex hitting a split bet on only the second spin for a $250 payout. Over a few more spins, regular number hits and an additional split jackpot roll in. After a short stint, Alex walks away with $525 profit - nearly matching Timmy's performance.

Reviewing the Results and Strategy

With both hosts easily profiting, the video takes a moment to review the outcomes and effectiveness of the Holy Split system.

First, the total dollar amounts won are stacked up and counted - Timmy banked $1,000 profit and Alex made $525. So collectively, following the betting method for just a brief period led to over $1,500 won.

Beyond the raw money made, Alex gives the system a "plum" rating based on their grading scheme. He cites positive expectations given the odds, but some uncertainty andvariance based on random luck during spins. So for controlled repeatability, more testing will be needed.

Analyzing Total Winnings

Looking at the combined profits from Timmy and Alex, the Holy Split system performed extremely well during the video test runs. In total, the hosts staked $1,200 on roulette bets playing the strategy, and walked away with $2,725 in winnings - more than doubling their money in very few spins. This indicates that, at least in the short run, the Holy Split system has major profit potential. Of course, long term mathematical expectancy would need to be evaluated with larger sample sizes, but the initial results are tremendously positive.

Rating the Holy Split System

Alex assesses the Holy Split based on the rating system they use for all roulette systems reviewed on their channel. Out of fruit symbols from Durian (worst) to Peach (best), he awards it a Plum. His reasoning is that they observed fantastic payouts during their brief test, but want to be cautious with higher ratings until seeing extended plays. The volatility and ability to withstand loss streaks hasn't been proven. But the initial indicators suggest a solid system worth playing.

Tips for Customizing the Holy Split

While the base Holy Split strategy is clearly defined, there is room for customization and putting your own twist on it.

For example, you can use different color chips than the green used in the video to place your split bets. Or adjust the amount wagered on each split higher or lower than $50. The core concept remains betting on those 12 splits, but the implementation can be tailored.

Using Different Color Chips

The hosts explain that you don't have to use the standard green chips to bet the Holy Split system as they demonstrated. Color coding with different denominations is handy for keeping things organized, but any chips can be utilized. For instance, you might choose to place the 12 split wagers with red $5 chips instead of green $25 chips. This allows betting at lower stakes. But the payout ratios and system logic stays intact regardless of actual chip color and value.

Adjusting Bets As Needed

In addition to chip color, the hosts suggest players can adjust their actual bet sizing amount as desired based on risk tolerance and bankroll. While they showed wagers of $50 per split, you might prefer starting with $20 bets, or going higher at $100 per split. Just be sure to keep the payout ratios consistent - so regular number wins pay 2:1 ratio on the amount wagered, and split bets pay at 5:1.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The video introduction leaves a very positive first impression of the Holy Split system. Both hosts were able to quickly generate substantial profits betting in this fashion during live test spins.

However, more extensive long term trials will be needed to fully prove out mathematical viability and measure how the system withstands inevitable losses amidst wins.

The hosts pledge to test the Holy Split system further with added video documentation on their YouTube channel. Alex will also demonstrate it live in upcoming episodes on his Twitch stream so viewers can observe more plays with this exciting strategy.


Q: What is the holy split roulette system?
A: The holy split system bets on the horizontal split numbers in roulette, which are the 12 numbers that touch the middle column. Any regular number hit earns 100 profit. A split hit earns 250.

Q: What are the odds of winning with the holy split?
A: The system creator estimates a 37% chance of losing, 31% chance of hitting a profitable split, and 32% chance of hitting a regular winning number.

Q: How much can you win with this system?
A: In the video, the players won over $2,000 in just a few spins by hitting multiple splits. It earns a minimum 100 profit on regular hits.

Q: Can you use this with outside bets?
A: No, the holy split system only works by betting on the inside horizontal split numbers. But you can customize it by using different color chips.

Q: What happens after 3 straight losses?
A: The system advises players to walk away after 3 consecutive losing spins. This avoids chasing losses.

Q: Where can I see this strategy used in a casino?
A: The video creator demonstrates the holy split system live at Casino Quest in Las Vegas. Players can also watch him try it on Twitch.

Q: Is the holy split better than other systems?
A: It provides decent odds of profitability, but as with any casino game the house has an inherent mathematical edge. It serves more as entertainment.

Q: Can this work online or just live?
A: The holy split can technically work in both live and online roulette. But results may vary across different software and equipment.

Q: How much bankroll do you need?
A: The system only requires a $50 minimum per spin. But have at least $500 to withstand potential losses.

Q: Who created this unique system?
A: The holy split was created by a player named John Ginn. The casino video host introduced and demonstrated the strategy.