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Shadowverse Announces Major New Game: Shadowverse Worlds Beyond

Author: Shadowverse Official [EN/FR/IT/DE/ES]Time: 2024-01-01 22:55:00

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Overview of Shadowverse Worlds Beyond: Release Date, Platforms, and Exciting New Game Features

Cygames has announced an all-new CCG titled Shadowverse Worlds Beyond, scheduled for a global release in summer 2024. This long-awaited new game aims to build upon the successes of the original Shadowverse game, first launched in 2016, while also implementing many new features and gameplay innovations.

As revealed during the Shadowverse Next 2024 presentation, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond will be free-to-play and available on iOS, Android, and PC platforms in multiple languages. The distribution details for the PC version are still to be announced.

While preserving popular Shadowverse gameplay mechanics like deck building and evolving cards, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond also promises to deliver more strategic and intense card battles through features like Super Evolve. This allows players to evolve cards a second time using Super Evolution Points (SEP), unlocking powerful new abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

Release Date and Platforms

Shadowverse Worlds Beyond has a scheduled global release in summer 2024. The game will be free-to-play and available on mobile devices running iOS and Android, as well as PC. However, details on which PC platforms specifically will distribute the game are still forthcoming. By supporting multiple platforms at launch, Cygames aims to make Shadowverse Worlds Beyond accessible to as many players globally as possible. The game will also feature localization into multiple languages beyond just Japanese, including options for players in Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond.

New Game Features

While preserving elements of Shadowverse that fans know and love, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond also promises exciting new features that will enhance the gameplay experience. A key new addition is the Super Evolve mechanic, which allows players to evolve cards to an even more powerful second stage. Super Evolves unlock devastating abilities that can swing the tide of battle. The game also introduces new Engage abilities for amulet cards, letting players activate their powers mid-match.

Deeper Strategy and Customization Through New Battle Mechanics

Aside from major new features like Super Evolve, the introduction of Shadowverse Worlds Beyond also allows Cygames to refine beloved Shadowverse mechanics to allow for deeper strategy.

For example, the number of starting Evolution Points (EP) has been increased to 3 for the starting player and 4 for the second player. And after a few turns, unused EPs will convert into the previously-mentioned Super EPs, allowing access to Super Evolves.

The addition of new keyword abilities like Engage for amulet cards also unlocks new strategic possibilities. Savvy players may be able to leverage these new mechanics to gain an edge in competitive play.

New and Returning Classes Join the Fray

Like the original Shadowverse game, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond allows players to build competitive decks around eight distinct character classes. Some classes returning players will know very well, while others are making their debut.

For instance, the dark Abysscraft class — combining elements of former Shadowcraft and Bloodcraft decks — makes the jump from the mobile game Shadowverse Evolve. Meanwhile, Portalcraft joins the roster in Shadowverse Worlds Beyond after being left out of the initial Shadowverse launch.

New Classes

Shadowverse Worlds Beyond brings some fresh blood to the class lineup that long-time CCG fans may not be familiar with. Chief among them is Abysscraft, which merges characteristics from the shadowy Shadowcraft and sinister Bloodcraft decks. The Portalcraft class also joins the fray, bringing unconventional mechanics that are sure to upend the meta. Make sure to study up on these new styles of play when deck building!

New Characters

In addition to featuring new classes, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond also introduces characters who will be integral to the game's storyline. This includes the Portalcraft leader Dreizehn and Forestcraft's elven heroine Lovesign. We're sure to meet even more charming and formidable class representatives as Cygames unveils more Shadowverse Worlds Beyond details. Each will come with their own personality and playstyle for fans to enjoy mastering.

A Whole New Virtual World For Social Play

Beyond innovations to card battle gameplay, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond also leapfrogs the original title by implementing robust social, world-building, and customization features.

Players will be able to create personalized 3D avatars and explore lively virtual lobby areas where they can gather with friends. There will also be player housing where guests can be invited over to check out user-created spaces.

These social features aim to strengthen bonds within the Shadowverse community and lower the barrier for making new friends. Casual players who may feel intimidated by competitive play now have avenues to engage with the game world and other fans.

Esports Scene Transitions to Shadowverse Worlds Beyond

Since its inception, Shadowverse has developed an enthusiastic esports scene, full of high-stakes tournaments like RAGE and crown jewels like the Shadowverse World Grand Prix.

With the launch of the new game, Cygames has announced that all major Shadowverse esports events will transition over to Shadowverse Worlds Beyond. However, timing details for this switchover are still forthcoming.

World Championship 2025

In 2025, the Shadowverse World Grand Prix and Invitational will be succeeded by a new capstone event — the Shadowverse World Championship. Top players from competitions across the globe will be invited take part, vying for a ¥10 million grand prize. Leading up the World Championship, smaller Regional Qualifier events across Asia, Europe, Americas, and Japan will allow up-and-coming players to prove their skill and earn a ticket to the global main stage next year.

Qualifier Competitions

Cygames has mapped out some of the key Shadowverse and Shadowverse Worlds Beyond events that will feed into 2025 World Championship qualifiers:

  • RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Spring
  • Asia Continental Finals 2024
  • Americas Continental Finals 2024
  • Europe Champions Summer 2024
  • Japan Champions Summer 2024 Further wildcard qualifier details will come later. Players worldwide are encouraged to compete in these events for a shot at the World Championship!

The Future Still Burns Bright for the Original Game

With so much emphasis being placed on the new hotness that is Shadowverse Worlds Beyond, long-time Shadowverse fans may be wondering what fate awaits the original game.

Details on continued support and content updates for the seminal Shadowverse title are expected to arrive shortly in a December 2023 announcement across official Shadowverse social media channels.


With a tentative summer 2024 global launch in sight, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond represents a bold new era for Cygames' flagship digital card game franchise. Early reveals showcase innovation in areas like enhanced battles, social features, and esports infrastructure.

Despite the bright future promised by this new title, Cygames also offers assurances that Shadowverse proper will continue to see support. So both veterans and newcomers alike have much to look forward to!

Stay tuned for more Shadowverse Worlds Beyond details unfolding in coming months via the official Shadowverse and Shadowverse X social media accounts. The community buzz is sure to build leading up to next summer's much-anticipated release!


Q: When will Shadowverse Worlds Beyond be released?
A: Shadowverse Worlds Beyond is scheduled for a worldwide release in summer 2024 on iOS, Android and PC.

Q: What new features will the game have?
A: New features will include super evolutions, virtual worlds for players to interact, and an expanded esports scene with a new World Championship tournament.

Q: Will my Shadowverse collection carry over?
A: Details on whether current Shadowverse collections will carry over are still to be announced. Stay tuned for updates.

Q: How can I qualify for the 2025 World Championship?
A: Players can qualify through high performances in RAGE tournaments and other regional qualifier events to be held throughout 2024 leading up to the championship.

Q: What will happen to the current Shadowverse game?
A: Details on the future operation of the current Shadowverse game will be announced December 14th on Shadowverse's social media.

Q: Where can I learn more about Shadowverse Worlds Beyond?
A: You can visit the new Shadowverse Worlds Beyond official website for updates. More announcements will also come via Shadowverse social media.

Q: When can I pre-register for Shadowverse Worlds Beyond?
A: Pre-registration details have not been announced yet. Stay tuned to Shadowverse channels for future updates.

Q: Will Shadowverse Worlds Beyond be available in my language?
A: Yes, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond will support multiple languages including Japanese, English and others in Asia, Europe and North America.

Q: Will Shadowverse Worlds Beyond be free-to-play?
A: Yes, Shadowverse Worlds Beyond will be a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases, similar to the current Shadowverse model.

Q: Can I still compete in RAGE tournaments for the original Shadowverse game?
A: Yes, 2024 RAGE tournaments will still be held for the original Shadowverse game and will offer qualifying spots for the 2025 World Championship.