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Simple Photoshop Tools to Enhance Midjourney AI Images

Author: Design Computation HumanTime: 2023-12-30 20:05:01

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Introduction to Enhancing Midjourney Images

This blog post outlines several simple yet powerful techniques in Photoshop to enhance images created with Midjourney AI. The goal is to provide easy-to-follow guidance to make your Midjourney creations even more stunning with some post-processing optimizations.

We will cover methods like increasing image dimensions for printing or online use, sharpening details, auto color correction, and reviewing before and after results to evaluate improvements.

Overview of Techniques

The techniques shown here include:

  • Upscaling image size with preserved details
  • Using Camera Raw filter for sharpening
  • Auto adjusting levels, color, and tone
  • Comparing original and enhanced images side-by-side

Goal of Enhancements

The goal is to provide some simple but effective ways to take your Midjourney images to the next level. With these optimizations in Photoshop, you can make the images sharper, smoother, more vibrant and publication-ready.

Upscaling the Image Size

One great way to enhance details and quality of Midjourney images is increasing the pixel dimensions. This allows for printing larger sizes with less visible pixels. It also helps make images sharper for online use.

Photoshop includes an embedded AI feature called Preserve Details 2.0 which intelligently increases image size while retaining crispness. Here's how to use it:

Increasing Pixel Dimensions

Go to Image > Image Size in Photoshop. This opens the familiar dialog box. Start by doubling the pixel width and height of your image. For example, increase from 1664px to 3328px for a square image. This quadruples the overall pixel count. Make sure Resample is set to Preserve Details 2.0. Then adjust the noise reduction slider to smooth out artifacts based on your preference. Less noise reduction retains more sharp edges, while too much makes things blurry.

Adjusting Noise Reduction

Finding the right mix of upscaled dimensions and noise reduction takes some experimentation. The idea is balancing sharpness versus smoothness based on the specific image. But Preserve Details 2.0 makes this process incredibly easy and fast.

Sharpening Details with Camera Raw

In addition to increasing size, we can further enhance sharpness of details in the image using Photoshop's Camera Raw filter.

Go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter to access powerful editing options. Within the Detail tab, adjust the Sharpening and Noise Reduction sliders. Adding some sharpening helps define edges better. However, too much sharpening introduces rough pixelated patterns.

So we counter balance it by also applying light noise reduction to smooth out artifacts. The combination of these two sliders can really make intricate details pop.

Auto Adjusting Levels, Color, and Tone

Some quick auto corrections can take your image to the next level. Using auto adjustments, Photoshop analyzes the image and optimizes the levels, color balance, and tonal range.

Go to Image > Adjustments and select Auto Levels, then Auto Color, and lastly Auto Tone. It's useful for landscapes and gradients like the skyline image example. This brings out more vivid tones and white balance.

Review Before and After Results

Finally, by toggling between the original and enhanced versions, you can properly evaluate the improvements. Look closely at overall sharpness, fine details, color vibrance, and smoother gradients. The enhanced image should have richer tones, crisper elements, and an overall more professional polish.


These Photoshop techniques provide an easy way to take your AI-generated art from Midjourney to the next level. A few simple steps like upscaling, sharpening, and auto corrections can make a dramatic difference for printing, presentations, or online use. Experiment with the different tools here to enhance your images and unlock their full potential.


Q: What tools in Photoshop can enhance AI images?
A: Key tools include upscaling dimensions, Camera Raw filter, and auto adjustments for levels, color, and tone.

Q: What is the benefit of upscaling a Midjourney image?
A: Upscaling increases the pixel dimensions which reduces pixelation and smooths edges for more detail.

Q: How does Camera Raw filter improve a Midjourney image?
A: The Camera Raw filter sharpens details and can optionally reduce noise for a cleaner final image.

Q: What do the auto adjustments do?
A: Auto levels, color, and tone optimize the lighting, hues, and contrast for a more natural, balanced image.

Q: What should you avoid when enhancing images?
A: Be careful not to over-sharpen causing pixelation or over-smooth losing too much detail.

Q: How can the original and enhanced images be compared?
A: Zoom in on specific areas at the same scale to evaluate improvements in detail, smoothness, and quality.

Q: What type of images benefit the most from these tools?
A: More complex images like landscapes see the biggest improvements from these optimization techniques.

Q: Do the tools work well together?
A: Yes, you can use all the tools in combination for the best results.

Q: What skill level is needed to use the tools?
A: The automated versions means beginners can easily enhance their AI art with great results.

Q: Where can I learn more about enhancing Midjourney images?
A: See the latest tutorials and examples from the Midjourney community forums and expert YouTube channels.