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Snowrunner Season 12 Coming Soon: Chernobyl Map and Nuclear Disaster Theme?

Author: A Tribe Called CarsTime: 2023-12-31 17:30:00

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Season 12 Arriving on Public Test Servers This Week Confirmation from Saber Interactive

Snowrunner Season 12 is coming to the public test server within a matter of days, according to confirmation from Saber Interactive. Mr. Okin of Saber stated: "I can confirm that the latest and last Phase/Year 3 Pass could be on the public test server by as early as this week - in other words, by the 8th of December." This exciting news means players may get access to test out Season 12 content very soon.

Not only did Mr. Okin confirm the expected Season 12 PTS release, he also whetted players' appetites with two nighttime screenshots from the new maps, keeping some of the surprise intact for the full release.

Expected Release Date

Given that Saber Interactive expects Season 12 to appear on the public test server this week, that means two things:

  1. We do not have to wait long for confirmation of what to expect, as content creators will surely make videos showcasing the PTS build.
  2. The full release of Season 12 for all players is likely not far behind the PTS testing phase.

First Season 12 Screenshots Revealed Mysterious Cargo and Cranes

The first Season 12 teaser screenshot from Mr. Okin shows some dock cranes, a bridge, and unknown cargo on the back of a truck - possibly some type of nuclear reactor or component. It sure looks similar to the rocket fuel tanks from Amur, but bear with me...

Remember the "Save the Day" vinyl wrap pack? The movie film and cameras on the International HX520 wrapped truck correlated with Season 11's "Lights, Camera, Action" theme. So it's possible these new map assets are hints at the theme or location of Season 12.

Familiar Nuclear Plant Buildings?

Looking closely at the second screenshot, we can see some buildings and structures that resemble a real nuclear power plant facility - take for example the roof features and two towers that match up with images of power plants like Chernobyl.

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Theme Theory

Given that Saber Interactive is based in Russia, near Ukraine, where the famous Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place, it's perhaps not a reach to suggest the Season 12 location involves a fictional take on the events and area surrounding that tragedy.

Of course, because the Chernobyl event was such a horrifying disaster, perhaps a fictional country name and location will be used instead to avoid controversy or accusations of exploitation.

Hazmat Suits and Radiation Hints

Remember the Chevy Kodiak C70 vinyl wrap with hazmat suits and radiation warnings? This could be a hint towards a nuclear/radiation theme in Season 12 maps.

Developer Based in Russia

As mentioned, with Saber Interactive being a Russian developer, they could be drawing inspiration from the geography, history, and landmarks of Eastern Europe/Russia for the new Season 12 maps and environments.

Other Potential Map Location Clues

Looking closely at one of the screenshots, there is a road sign that appears to be facing away from the camera. This suggests the sign is on the right side of the road, implying left-hand drive vehicles as is standard in Eastern Europe. Of course, signage can vary near facilities like nuclear power plants.

Road Signs Point to Left-Hand Drive

So while not a sure confirmation, the road sign facing direction could correlate with a Russia/Ukraine inspired map location in Season 12.

Confirmed Roads in Season 12 Good News for New Kenworth w990 Use

Saber Interactive's Mr. Okin confirmed that Season 12 maps will have some drivable roads. This is good news for players hoping to use new trucks like the Kenworth W990 which I previously reviewed on my YouTube channel.

With proper roads instead of purely off-road terrain, more standard highway trucks will finally get some use in SnowRunner's latest content release.

Conclusion and Season 12 Expectations

In conclusion, there are intriguing hints that point to a Chernobyl/nuclear disaster inspired theme and location for SnowRunner's Season 12 content. This could allow the game to incorporate important historical events from Eastern Europe in a respectful, fictionalized setting.

Of course, we will have to wait for the full reveal and PTS release to know for sure. But after today's news and screenshots, excitement is high for what Season 12 will deliver across new maps, environments, trucks and more.


Q: When will Snowrunner Season 12 release?
A: Season 12 is expected to hit public test servers by December 8, 2023, with a full release date still to be announced.

Q: What trucks will be in Snowrunner Season 12?
A: While exact truck models are still unconfirmed, the screenshots suggest at least one new 6x6 cabover truck.

Q: Where will the Snowrunner Season 12 map be located?
A: There is strong speculation that the new Season 12 map will be based on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site and surrounding area in Ukraine.

Q: Will Snowrunner Season 12 be easy or hard?
A: Developer comments indicate Season 12 will have some roads, suggesting it may not be as difficult as the Phase 7 maps - but it will still offer genuinely tough terrain.

Q: What cargo will we haul in Season 12?
A: The first Season 12 screenshots show mysterious cargo that resembles nuclear reactor components, fitting the Chernobyl disaster theme theory.

Q: Are there any other hints about the Snowrunner Season 12 location?
A: Road signs facing the right way for left-hand drive vehicles suggest the map could be located in a left-hand traffic country like Ukraine.

Q: Will I be able to use the new Kenworth w990 in Season 12?
A: Yes, the developer has confirmed Season 12 will have some drivable roads, making trucks like the Kenworth w990 usable on the map.

Q: When will we know more details about Snowrunner Season 12?
A: Once the public test server goes live this week, we'll be able to access the full Season 12 content for early impressions.

Q: Where can I find more news about Season 12 when it releases?
A: Right here! Check back on this blog for additional coverage on the new Snowrunner Season 12 map, trucks, and more when it becomes available.

Q: How can I get early access to test Season 12?
A: Join the Snowrunner public test server on PC to try out Season 12 before its full official launch.