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Sony Unveils Immersive BRAVIA XR TV Lineup for 2023

Author: Sony - GlobalTime: 2024-01-03 11:35:01

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Introducing Sony's Vision for Spatial Entertainment with BRAVIA XR TVs

Sony's purpose is to fill the world with emotion through entertainment. With the 2023 BRAVIA XR TV lineup, Sony aims to create immersive 'spatial entertainment' experiences that transport viewers, inspire emotion, and feel personalized.

Spatial entertainment refers to integrated audiovisual environments with expansive screens and 360-degree sound that put the viewer at the center. Sony develops innovative technologies like the Cognitive Processor XR to optimize and tailor entertainment to each viewer's preferences.

Transportive Experiences that Touch the Heart

Sony wants to create entertainment experiences that truly move people by touching their hearts. This means stories that offer new perspectives, thrilling moments that set hearts soaring, and reflective moments that inspire self-discovery. The goal is to elicit 'kando' - a Japanese term referring to an emotional experience that resonates at one's core. With spatial entertainment, Sony aims to bring theater and concert-hall quality experiences into the home.

Technology to Bring Entertainment to Life

A key technology powering Sony's vision for spatial entertainment is the Cognitive Processor XR. As the 'brains' of BRAVIA XR TVs, this processor analyzes all elements of picture quality and optimizes them for human perception. For example, it enhances color, contrast, motion clarity, and sound positioning to create true-to-life images with vitality. Combined with technologies like XR Triluminos and XR Contrast, the Cognitive Processor XR helps bring entertainment to life.

Cognitive Processor XR: The Brains Behind the BRAVIA XR TVs

The Cognitive Processor XR is an integral part of all BRAVIA XR TVs. As the brains, it uses AI to analyze and optimize every element of picture quality - color, contrast, motion, sound etc.

The latest version features XR Clear Image technology to further reduce noise, blur and distractions so scenes burst with clarity and life. After over 60 years perfecting TV technology, the Cognitive Processor XR represents Sony's current pinnacle of innovation.

XR Contrast and XR Triluminos: Vivid, True-to-Life Images

With innovative contrast and color technologies powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, BRAVIA XR TVs render images with stunning realism and emotion.

XR Contrast finely controls light levels to recreate true-to-life shadow and brightness detail. XR Triluminos produces a wider, more precise palette of vibrant colors with subtle gradations.

Together, they optimize the capabilities of any display panel to unlock lifelike, dramatic images that draw viewers in.

XR Sound for Immersive, Dynamic Audio

Sound is seamlessly synchronized with on-screen action to complement Sony's spatial entertainment vision. XR Sound uses the TV speakers or added audio components to reproduce audio dimensionality and distance with precision.

Viewers gain an unconscious, instinctive sense of sound location and realism for full immersion. Voices seem to come right from characters on screen as surround sound envelops the environment.

BRAVIA Game Mode: The Best TV for PlayStation

BRAVIA XR TVs offer a top-tier gaming experience, automatically optimizing settings when a PlayStation is connected. A dedicated Game Mode provides full customization options.

From screen resizing and crosshair tools to advanced Black Equalizer settings for better visibility, BRAVIA Game Mode enhances gameplay and allows side-by-side viewing of guides.

2023 BRAVIA XR Lineup: Flagship to Entry-Level Options

The 2023 BRAVIA lineup provides spatial entertainment experiences for every consumer. Flagship offerings like the X95L feature Cognitive Processor XR plus technologies for exceptional brightness, contrast and sound.

Mid-range models like the A80L focus on core elements like OLED picture quality and integrated XR Sound. And the ecosystem expands with home theater products for surround sound.


Q: What is spatial entertainment?
A: Spatial entertainment refers to an integrated audiovisual experience that creates an immersive entertainment space in the home. It combines an expansive screen, 360-degree sound tailored to the viewer, and environmental calibration.

Q: What is the Cognitive Processor XR?
A: The Cognitive Processor XR is the brain of the BRAVIA XR TVs. It analyzes all elements of an image like a human eye to produce lifelike pictures.

Q: What gaming features does BRAVIA XR offer?
A: BRAVIA XR TVs have a dedicated Game Mode with screen resizing, crosshair aiming, advanced Black Equalizer settings, and new multi-view options for displaying guides while playing.

Q: What models are in the 2023 BRAVIA XR lineup?
A: The 2023 lineup includes the flagship X95L LED TV, the X90L with ultra-narrow bezels, Master Series A95L OLED, A80L OLED in multiple sizes, and complementary A-Series home theater audio products.

Q: How is Sony improving BRAVIA's sustainability?
A: Sony is reducing plastic usage, cutting transportation emissions through lighter packaging, balancing performance with energy efficiency, and giving users more control over eco-settings.

Q: What is Sony's accessibility initiative for BRAVIA?
A: BRAVIA is expanding accessibility functions, including a new color inversion setting for 2023 to accommodate different color vision preferences.

Q: How does XR Contrast work?
A: XR Contrast uses intelligent backlight control optimized for each TV panel to bring out the best contrast and blacks across the entire screen.

Q: What audio technologies does BRAVIA XR support?
A: BRAVIA XR supports 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, Acoustic Center Sync, XR Surround sound from integrated speakers, and new soundbars like the Dolby Atmos-enabled HT-S2000.

Q: Can BRAVIA XR calibrate to my room?
A: Yes, using the optional BRAVIA CAM, BRAVIA XR TVs can automatically calibrate the picture and sound quality to your exact viewing environment and position.

Q: What entertainment is available on BRAVIA XR?
A: BRAVIA XR runs the Google TV platform for app and content recommendations. It also includes BRAVIA Core for new releases and classics in up to 4K HDR and IMAX Enhanced quality.