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Spend a Day in My Life and Learn English

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Waking Up on a Cold Winter's Day in Britain

It's half past 7 in Britain on a cold winter morning. The grass outside is frosty as I put on the thermostat to warm up the frigid house. I'm grateful to be able to afford the heating bill during the ongoing cost of living crisis in the country. After putting on the kettle to make my morning coffee, I open the curtains to let the daylight in and have my breakfast while catching up on the news. My partner takes a shower while I wash up the breakfast dishes, after which I'll take my turn showering and getting ready for the day teaching English online.

We have a mixup with the similar cartons of oat milk and almond milk looking too alike now. It's a bad way to start the morning, but things improve as daylight streams through the windows. All ready for teaching online for the next 6 hours.

Morning Routine: Breakfast, News, and Shower

My morning routine consists of: putting on the kettle to make coffee, having breakfast while watching the morning news, washing up dishes, showering, and getting ready for the day. My partner and I have a miscommunication about the oat milk and almond milk cartons now looking too similar - that exchange puts a damper on starting the day.

Teaching English Online All Day

I'm an English teacher and will be teaching online lessons from 9am to 12pm, break for lunch, then teach again from 1pm to 4pm. I set up my workstation with a wrist guard because I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Being an online teacher working from home allows me to multi-task, like chopping vegetables for dinner during my lunch break. It will be a full day!

Cooking Dinner Early and Decorating for Christmas

My partner and I decide to eat an early dinner since we'll be busy decorating the house for Christmas afterwards. We have chicken wraps with barbecue sauce, chips, and vegetables. Many people seemed to put up Christmas decorations remarkably early this year, even right after Halloween ended.

We unpack the boxes of Christmas ornaments and put up our little tree, which is perfectly sized for our house. I add festive touches like Christmas figurines throughout the main living spaces. By the time we finish decorating, I'm quite tired but very much feeling the holiday spirit.

Putting Up the Christmas Tree and Ornaments

We put up our small Christmas tree and ornaments. I start with the basic round glass ball ornaments, which are called baubles, to provide the foundation. Then I embellish with the more unique, personalized ornaments for pops of color and interest. I have a hard time knowing when to stop adding ornaments - a bit like Michelangelo, never quite finished with a masterpiece!

Adding Festive Touches Around the House

In addition to the Christmas tree, I add festive touches like tinsel garlands on the stairs and bed frame and little Christmas figurines throughout the living room and dining area. My partner thinks some of the decor looks too random, but I love scattering Christmas cheer all about.

Wrapping Up After a Long, Fun Day

Relaxing in the Evening

After a full day waking up early, working all day teaching, decorating the house, and making dinner, we are quite tired. My partner will watch a football match while I plan to just relax and unwind after our festive day.


Q: What time does the day start in the video?
A: The day starts at 7:30 am or "half 7" in British time.

Q: What is the weather like that morning?
A: It is very cold with frost on the grass outside.

Q: What does Laura have for breakfast?
A: Laura has coffee and watches the news but doesn't specify what she eats.

Q: What is Laura's job?
A: Laura is an English teacher who teaches online.

Q: What time does Laura start and finish teaching?
A: She teaches from 9 am to 12 pm, takes a lunch break, and teaches again from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Q: When does Laura eat dinner?
A: She eats dinner very early, at around 4 pm.

Q: What do Laura and her partner cook for dinner?
A: They cook chicken wraps with barbecue sauce and chips.

Q: What decorations do they put up?
A: They put up a Christmas tree with baubles and other decorations. They also add decorative touches like a snowman, tinsel, and Christmas lights.

Q: Where all does Laura put up tinsel?
A: She puts tinsel on the stairs and bed, while her partner thinks it looks a bit random.

Q: What does Laura plan to do at the end of the day?
A: She plans to relax while her partner watches a football match.