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Stable Diffusion 2 Rivals Mid-Journey with Negative Prompts

Author: Samson - Delightful DesignTime: 2023-12-30 12:40:01

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Comparing Latest Stable Diffusion 2 and Mid-Journey Images for AI Art

Stable Diffusion 2 has seen major improvements with the addition of negative prompts. With careful tuning using negative prompts, Stable Diffusion 2 can now rival Mid-Journey for AI art quality. In my previous video comparing these platforms, Mid-Journey outputted higher quality images. However, by taking the same prompts and improving them with negative prompts in Stable Diffusion 2, the image quality drastically improved.

Let's take a deeper look at some image comparisons between the latest versions of Stable Diffusion 2 and Mid-Journey to evaluate the current state of these AI art platforms.

Impact of Negative Prompts on Stable Diffusion 2

Previously, I showed an example where Mid-Journey outputted better quality over Stable Diffusion 2. However, by taking that Stable Diffusion image and improving it with negative prompts, the quality increased remarkably. There is no question that negative prompts have helped Stable Diffusion 2 catch up. For the improved Stable Diffusion 2 image, I tried to optimize the prompts as much as possible with negative prompts to get the best possible output. Ultimately, while I still personally prefer the Mid-Journey output, Stable Diffusion created something coherent, beautiful, and consistent.

Examples Comparing Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion 2

In another example, Mid-Journey is on the left, while Stable Diffusion 2 is on the right. For this one, I actually think the consistency of features is better in the Stable Diffusion output. The Mid-Journey woman has a slightly enlarged nose. Meanwhile, the Stable Diffusion woman is incredibly lifelike, aesthetic, and consistent. Here is another beautiful example from Stable Diffusion 2 showcasing the potential for creating detailed, vibrant artworks. With careful tuning through negative prompts, Stable Diffusion 2 can achieve impressive photorealistic results.

Beautiful Stable Diffusion 2 Image Examples

Stable Diffusion 2 is capable of creating remarkably aesthetic images when properly tuned. The examples below demonstrate some of the beautiful artworks possible:

While Mid-Journey has some built-in aesthetic tastes that allow reasonable outputs without much tuning, Stable Diffusion 2 gives greater control and possibilities for detailed creations without nudity restrictions. Both platforms are progressing rapidly, and I'm excited to see where they lead for AI art.

My Interpretation of Stable Diffusion vs Mid-Journey Styles

In my personal interpretation, Mid-Journey tends to have a slightly more melancholy, film noir aesthetic. Stable Diffusion 2 seems to aim for vibrancy, with images appearing almost overly sparkly and sequined at times in an attempt to inject energy. However, Mid-Journey can produce some anatomically questionable features like the walnut hands in one example.

Overall, both platforms offer tremendous creative potential through exploration. Mid-Journey carries some advantage in inherent aesthetic tastes, while Stable Diffusion provides more control and boundary-pushing possibilities without nudity restrictions. But both continue impressive development trajectories in the world of AI art.

Concluding Thoughts on AI Art Platforms

I hope you enjoyed this comparison of the latest iterations of Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion 2 for AI art generation. I aimed to provide fair analysis, as I understand these are different tools requiring different approaches. With the right techniques, both platforms can produce impressive results.

By harnessing negative prompts, Stable Diffusion 2 has caught up tremendously in image quality and aesthetics. And both systems continue to accelerate development rapidly. I'm very excited about the future of AI art as these models evolve. Please subscribe for more AI art analyses and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Q: How do negative prompts help Stable Diffusion 2?
A: Negative prompts allow you to specify things you don't want in the generated image, which helps Stable Diffusion 2 produce higher quality, more coherent outputs.

Q: Which platform makes more aesthetically pleasing images?
A: Mid-Journey tends to produce images with inherent artistic style and taste. Stable Diffusion 2 offers more control for fine-tuning the desired output.

Q: What are key differences between SD2 and Mid-Journey?
A: Stable Diffusion 2 allows nudity and gives more control, while Mid-Journey produces pleasing outputs easily. SD2 trends sparkly, while MJ is more understated.