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Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Unic Clutch Dual-Disc Performance Clutch

Author: UniClutchTime: 2024-01-27 11:10:00

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Introduction to Unic Clutch Technology

The Unic clutch is an innovative dual-disc clutch design that offers significant benefits over traditional single-disc clutches. Unic clutches utilize a patented DualForce diaphragm spring to provide even clamping force and pressure plate separation. This results in smooth engagement, reduced chatter, and improved drivability.

Unic's dual-disc setup allows the clutch to better handle high torque applications. The dual discs provide greater surface area for friction, doubling the torque capacity compared to a single-disc clutch. Unic clutches are engineered to be durable and withstand repeated hard launches and aggressive shifting.

Benefits of the Unic Clutch Dual-Disc Design

The dual-disc configuration is the key to the Unic clutch's performance advantages. With two discs instead of one, there is far more surface area for the friction material. This allows the clutch to transmit much higher torque loads without overheating or slipping. The dual-disc design also provides smoother engagement and reduces driveline chatter. The discs are precision balanced and pre-aligned at the factory. This eliminates the need for time-consuming clutch disc alignment during installation.

How Unic Clutches Improve Performance

Unic clutches offer better torque capacity, drivability, and durability compared to old-school single-disc clutches:

  • Increased torque capacity - the dual discs double the amount of torque the clutch can reliably transmit
  • Far smoother engagement - no more herky-jerky clutch engagement
  • Reduced driveline vibrations and chatter - improves shifts and drivability
  • Greater holding power under high load - no more clutch slippage during hard acceleration
  • Improved longevity - designed to stand up to repeated drag strip launches and spirited driving

Installing a Unic Clutch on a 1957 Corvette Restomod

To demonstrate the Unic clutch upgrade, we'll be installing a Unic Sport clutch on a highly modified 1957 Corvette restomod. This beautiful C1 Vette puts down around 500 horsepower from its souped-up 350 small block Chevy V8. It's the perfect testbed to show how the Unic clutch improves performance in a high-power hot rod application.

The owner complained of clutch chatter, slippage under hard acceleration, and unpleasant vibrations with the old centrifugal clutch. By upgrading to the Unic dual-disc clutch, he hoped to fix these issues and get better drivability and holding capacity from his Vette.

Corvette Overview and Build Specs

This '57 Corvette was inherited by the owner from his father, who originally bought the car in 1959. It has a special history in their family. The current engine setup produces about 480 horsepower from the 350 CI small block Chevy V8. Modifications include:

  • Aluminum cylinder heads
  • Roller rocker arms
  • More aggressive camshaft
  • Other assorted go-fast goodies

Removing the Old Clutch

With the Corvette safely up on a lift, the first step was to remove the transmission to access the old clutch and flywheel. The centrifugal clutch was removed along with the pressure plate. The flywheel was inspected but not fully removed or machined. This saved time and effort thanks to the Unic clutch's flexible installation process.

Step-by-Step Unic Clutch Install

Installing the Unic Sport clutch was straightforward:

  • Select the proper spline and insert into clutch
  • Set clutch height per Unic instructions
  • Apply thread locker to spline bolts, torque to spec
  • Bolt clutch assembly to flywheel using existing dowel holes
  • Reuse factory clutch cover bolts, torque to OEM spec
  • Reinstall transmission, bleed clutch hydraulic system, road test

Final Thoughts on the Unic Clutch Corvette Upgrade

The owner reported the Unic clutch transformed the driving experience. Engagement was buttery smooth with no chatter. There was zero slippage under full throttle acceleration, even with the increased torque capacity of the dual-disc design. Vibrations at high RPM were completely eliminated thanks to the Unic clutch's precision balance and alignment. For restomod builds making big power, the Unic clutch delivers excellent drivability and holding capacity in one affordable package.

Unic Clutch Install on a 2023 Subaru WRX

To showcase the versatility of the Unic clutch, we also installed one on a bone-stock 2023 Subaru WRX. This demonstrates how the Unic clutch can improve the driving experience even on a factory fresh performance car.

The stock Subaru clutch had signs of wear despite low mileage. The flywheel was discolored from heat spotting. Upgrading to the Unic clutch allowed us to refresh the drivetrain without machining the flywheel.

Subaru WRX Overview

The Subaru WRX has a loyal following among rally and autocross fans. Its turbocharged 4-cylinder makes 271 horsepower from the factory. Our test car was a brand new 2023 model with only a few hundred break-in miles. Despite the low mileage, there were already signs of heat discoloration on the stock clutch and flywheel.

Unic Clutch Install Procedure

Installing the Unic clutch on the WRX was simple:

  • No need to remove or machine the flywheel
  • Selected proper spline, set clutch height
  • Removed stock clutch, installed Unic clutch in its place
  • Reused factory flywheel and cover bolts

Driving Impressions with the New Unic Clutch

The Unic clutch improved the already great driving dynamics of the WRX:

  • Engagement feel is buttery smooth
  • No chatter or driveline vibrations
  • Clutch never slips under hard acceleration
  • Significant holding capacity upgrade for future turbo upgrades

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Whether installed in an 800-horsepower Corvette restomod or a stock Subaru WRX, the Unic dual-disc clutch delivers excellent drivability, holding capacity, and longevity.

The dual-disc design provides smoother engagement, increased torque capacity, and reduced driveline vibrations compared to single-disc clutches.

Unic clutches are engineered for easy installation. No need to remove or machine the flywheel in most applications, saving substantial time and labor.


Q: What are the benefits of a Unic Clutch?
A: Unic Clutches offer increased holding capacity, smooth engagement, reduced chatter/NVH, and simplified install without flywheel machining.

Q: What vehicles are Unic Clutches compatible with?
A: Unic Clutches offer kits for a wide range of vehicles including hot rods, muscle cars, JDM tuner cars, and even OEM applications.

Q: How does the Unic Clutch dual-disc design work?
A: The dual-disc design separates engine torque for smoother delivery. This eliminates clutch chatter and reduces driveline shock.

Q: Can I install a Unic Clutch myself?
A: Yes, Unic Clutch kits are designed for simplified DIY installs without special tools. Detailed instructions are included.

Q: Do I need to resurface my flywheel?
A: No, the Unic Clutch system allows install on stock flywheels without machining.

Q: Will a Unic Clutch kit fit my car?
A: Unic Clutch has custom kits available for a wide variety of vehicles. Check their website for fitment guides.

Q: How much power can a Unic Clutch handle?
A: Unic Clutch kits are rated for 400-1000+ lb-ft of torque depending on the model. More than enough for most builds.

Q: Will a Unic Clutch change my driving experience?
A: Yes, expect smoother clutch takeup, improved street manners, and increased power holding capability.

Q: Is a Unic Clutch a quality upgrade?
A: With aircraft-grade billet alum construction and innovative design, Unic Clutches represent a top-tier performance upgrade.

Q: Where can I buy a Unic Clutch kit?
A: Unic Clutch products are available direct from their website or through select authorized retailers.