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Streamline Design and Video Creation with ChatGPT's New Canva Plugin

Author: HowfinityTime: 2024-02-11 22:25:01

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Activating the Canva Plugin in ChatGPT

ChatGPT now has a brand new plugin for Canva so you could create the entire social media posts, photos and videos with a simple text prompt. Now Canva has been around for a long time, it's the leading design platform on the web, but this new plugin integration brings it right inside of ChatGPT.

Let me show you how to activate it here inside of ChatGPT. You need ChatGPT Plus, so this is the version of ChatGPT that gives you access to plugins. If you don't have this yet, you need to upgrade from the free version to be able to use this. But Canva and this plugin for Canva are free to use.

Upgrading to ChatGPT Plus

First go over here to settings and go to settings and beta. Go to Beta over here and make sure plugins are activated here and they will appear right underneath.

Enabling the Plugins Feature

Next you just have to go over here and make sure you got a check mark next to plugin by clicking next to it. Then we're going to click this drop down and go all the way to the bottom to the plugin store and you just want to search the plugin store for the plugin Canva. Just press install here, it's going to install it.

Installing the Canva Plugin

Let me exit here and on your drop down menu here make sure you have Canva checked on. So my Canva is checked on now, I'm ready to go with a text prompt.

Creating Social Media Posts with Canva

With the Canva plugin activated I could say something like create a social media post for Instagram for my Black Friday sale. Usually when you ask it something that's going to require the Canva plugin, it's just going to know to activate the Canva plugin. That's what it did here.

If it doesn't do this for some reason, just say 'use the Canva plugin to create a post for Instagram for my Black Friday sale' and it's going to create these types of posts. It's going to give you multiple different options here. These are just photo posts, I could ask for video posts, I'll show you a couple different examples here.

Generating Post Design Options

You can see here I got a Cyber Monday one, Black Friday one, and each one comes with a little preview. This is basically your post and it comes with a link.

Editing and Customizing Posts

Here is the most powerful part of this thing. This is not just going to be something you grab from here as safe to your computer and post. You can do that, but obviously you probably want to customize it. So this link right on top, if you click it, it opens up Canva. I'm not even signed in so you can see I could just use this on a free account. But typically you want to create an account here, a free account. They do have paid upgrades that give you more options, but a lot of people use Canva for free, it has a lot of use cases that you could do without paying for the premium. As you can see over here, all these things are clickable and they're all editable. I'll just give you an example of one of my favorite options under style over here. I could change the color palettes of this post just by clicking these different color palettes. You don't have to use really any design skills here, these colored palettes already show you colors that go well together. So you could just choose one of these options and then customize it further from here.

Downloading and Sharing Posts

Then you also have elements, so you could drag any one of these elements onto your post here. You'll have text if you want any additional text, you could double click to edit any existing text. And you could upload your own logo or any type of design elements that you want just from the upload tab here and upload videos too if you want to turn this into a video post. When you're done just press share over here again I recommend you sign in so it saves this, you could always come back to it. And just press download and download it as a PNG. There it is, I could just go ahead and open it and here's the post I could just post it to Instagram directly from my computer.

Designing Logos, Graphics, and More

You could also do things like creating logos or even entire website templates. I just wrote 'create a logo for my photography business'. Canva got activated over here and as you can see, here's a logo for my photography business. Here's another one and it's making one more over here.

Requesting Logo and Design Options

As usual if you click on one of these, it's going to open up Canva in the editing menu of Canva where you could select any one of these. You could go ahead and type in your own name here and you're ready to download this as well.

Customizing with Canva's Tools

Now Canva has a lot of different options if you've never used it before, it's extremely powerful. So I'll put a link to a complete Canva tutorial that I have where it shows you exactly how to use Canva outside of ChatGPT. Because once you get into it, you could customize everything that you see over here.

Producing Social Media Videos

This time I'm going to say 'use the Canva plugin to create an Instagram real video'. This time I'm going to ask for a video template to promote my upcoming launch. This could be for a book launch or product launch, anything you could imagine this could be a good prompt for that.

Asking for Video Templates

As usual it's going to go to work, give me some options. This one is really nice and as usual if I just click over here, it's going to open this up. This is in video format so if I just press play on top you can see the style of the video.

Editing and Personalizing Videos

If I click away, all this text here I could customize exactly the way I want. And typically I like to go to the upload tab, upload my own logo, maybe a little video I have, I could even have myself talking here, put in the launch date and I'm ready to go to post this on all kinds of different video based social medias as well.

Additional Canva Resources

As I mentioned in the description, you'll find a complete Canva walkthrough to show you exactly how to use Canva from scratch. We also have an entire dedicated platform to learning AI. So everything in the world of AI, we are rolling out new courses where we have over 10 different courses right now. And you can watch them all for one subscription, they're all in one subscription, you don't have to buy individual courses. That's called Skill Leap, I'll put a link in the description to that as well.

I hope this saves you a lot of time with starting any design that you need and I'll see you on the next video.


The new Canva plugin integration in ChatGPT provides a powerful way to easily create customized social media posts, videos, logos, and other graphics. By generating design options and then editing them in Canva, you can produce high-quality visual content tailored to your needs without graphic design expertise. This automation can save considerable time and open up new creative possibilities when promoting your business or brand on social platforms.


Q: Do I need a paid Canva account to use the plugin?
A: No, you can use Canva's free account option with full plugin functionality.

Q: Can I create interactive posts beyond just images?
A: Yes, you can produce full social media videos, multi-page graphics, logos, and more using Canva's tools.

Q: Does the plugin work for written content too?
A: No, the Canva integration is focused solely on visual graphic design and video creation tasks.

Q: Can I customize the Canva templates?
A: Absolutely, once you open a design in Canva you have full editing capabilities to customize it.

Q: What file types can I download my Canva creations as?
A: You can download Canva files in formats like JPG, PNG, and MP4 video to directly share online or across platforms.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can generate Canva content?
A: No, with the plugin enabled you have unlimited requests to create Canva graphics, videos, logos and more!

Q: Do I still need design skills to use Canva effectively?
A: No, Canva is built to be user-friendly even for non-designers. Its templates and tools make quality creation very simple.

Q: Can I upload my own assets like logos into Canva?
A: Yes, you can upload any images, logos, or video files directly into Canva projects through the Uploads tab.

Q: Does Canva integrate with my other creative apps?
A: Yes, Canva has integrations with top apps like Pinterest, YouTube, and more to expand your creative capabilities.

Q: Will there be more ChatGPT integrations like Canva in the future?
A: Almost certainly. ChatGPT is rapidly expanding integrations with leading digital platforms to boost its creative potential.