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Testing Bing AI's New Image Recognition and Coding Features

Author: VVinchiTime: 2024-02-04 11:30:00

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Attempting to Use Bing AI's Image Recognition for Basic Tasks

Bing AI recently launched an exciting new feature - the ability to analyze images provided by users to identify objects and provide relevant information. I decided to test out this capability across a few common use cases to see if it lives up to expectations.

Overall, the results were disappointing. While Bing AI was able to correctly recognize a wireless keyboard, it failed at several other basic tasks like identifying a scissors holder and analyzing a chess position. It seems the image recognition capability still has a ways to go.

Wireless Keyboard Use Case Fail

My first test was to provide an image of a wireless keyboard and ask Bing to tell me the best use cases. I expected it to describe how a wireless keyboard can provide flexibility and portability when using various devices. However, Bing simply stated factual information about what a wireless keyboard is, failing to understand the purpose of my question.

Incorrect Scissors Holder Identification

Next, I presented an image of a clear scissors holder. Unfortunately, Bing incorrectly identified this as "a bug" rather than recognizing the object and its purpose. Clearly the image analysis failed in this case if it could not discern a simple household item.

Incorrect Chess Move Analysis

My last test was an image of a chess board in a checkmate scenario. I asked Bing to analyze the position. Shockingly, it stated the position was "roughly equal" when it was clearly checkmate. I tried refreshing the image, but Bing still failed to properly examine the chess board and determine that white had achieved checkmate.

Trying to Get Bing AI to Write Code

In addition to image recognition, I wanted to test Bing AI's capability to generate relevant code based on images. I presented an image of a basic punk video game and asked it to provide JavaScript code to build such an app. While it successfully identified this as a "punk game", Bing refused to actually generate any code due to restrictions.

Partial Success Identifying Punk Video Game

When provided the image of the punk video game, Bing AI was impressively able to recognize this visual style as a "punk game". This shows it has some level of visual comprehension to categorize types of applications.

Failure to Generate JavaScript Code

However, when I asked Bing to take the next step and write JavaScript code to build a similar punk game app, it declined due to restrictions in place by Microsoft. So while it has promising vision capabilities, Bing still faces limitations in what it can produce.

Final Thoughts and Takeaways

Testing Bing AI's new image recognition capabilities across a few common use cases revealed there are still significant gaps. It failed at basic tasks like identifying a scissors holder and properly analyzing a chess position. And despite successfully categorizing a punk game visually, Bing could not generate any actual code due to restrictions.

While there is promise in the image analysis that may improve over time, currently the technology seems unreliable for practical applications. As Bing AI evolves, I hope to see enhancements in object recognition and code generation to make it more capable and useful.


Q: What new features of Bing AI were tested?
A: The image recognition and coding generation features were tested.

Q: How well did the image recognition feature work?
A: The image recognition had several fails, incorrectly identifying objects in 3 out of 4 test cases.

Q: What code did the video ask Bing AI to generate?
A: The video asked Bing AI to generate JavaScript code for a punk video game app.

Q: Did Bing AI successfully generate the code?
A: No, Bing AI failed to generate any actual JavaScript code as requested.

Q: What was Bing AI able to recognize about the video game image?
A: It was able to partially identify that the image showed a punk video game.

Q: What were the overall conclusions on the new features?
A: The features did not seem very reliable yet based on the limited testing and results.

Q: Were there any successes at all with the new features?
A: There was minor success identifying the general topic of the punk game image, but most tests failed.

Q: What recommendations did the video give viewers?
A: The video recommended viewers form their own conclusions on these new Bing AI features.

Q: Where can I find more information about Bing AI features?
A: You can visit the official Bing AI site for additional details, limitations and use cases on new and existing capabilities.

Q: What should I keep in mind when testing AI features?
A: Remember these are developing technologies, manage expectations, and test thoroughly before relying on for business or other accuracy-dependent needs.