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The Legend of Korra Episodes 8-9 Review: Unravelling the Red Lotus Conspiracy

Author: Emergency AwesomeTime: 2024-01-04 09:20:00

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Top Animation and Fight Scenes in The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra features some of the most stunning animation and intense fight scenes in recent TV history. In particular, the battle between Team Korra and Team Zaheer in episode 8 stands out with its fluid martial arts choreography and bending moves. The Red Lotus members seem extremely well-trained, constantly getting the upper hand on Korra. She will likely need to find a non-combat solution to ultimately defeat Zaheer and his crew.

The animation studio Mir has done phenomenal work bringing the fights to life in Book 3 and 4 of Korra. During the Comic Con panel, co-creator Bryan Konietzko mentioned they had to recruit extra animators to handle some scenes. It's an immense undertaking, with Hollywood employing almost every available animator for major film projects like The Simpsons Movie.

Zaheer vs Korra Showdown

The fight scene between Zaheer and Korra's teams in episode 8 stands out as the best one this whole season. The Red Lotus members move with precision and lethality, proving a formidable match for the Avatar crew. The blending of the unique bending styles along with hand-to-hand combat makes for dynamic, intense fight choreography. Studio Mir deserves huge credit for bringing the smooth animation to life. Bending battles require a complex mixture of elemental effects, combat movement, and personality. The animators nail it in every clash.

Stunning Desert Scenery

While the fight scenes impress with frenetic action, the moments in the desert oasis showcase Mir's talents for serene beauty. When Mako and Bolin first enter the spirit portal, the vegetation and lighting look downright idyllic. Later shots of Korra overlooking the oasis from a hill highlight the studio's knack for evocative, lush landscapes. Fans who were disappointed with the occasionally lackluster animation in Book 2 should find the visuals this season a massive step up. Studio Mir sets the gold standard for TV animation. Every background feels lovingly rendered with a painterly quality.

Bolin's Endearing Superfandom

Much of the comic relief in episode 9 comes from Bolin encountering his two muscle-bound superfans. Their overeager adoration of Bolin as a mover star leads to many funny moments. The way they animate these hulking fans as ultimately harmless goofs pokes fun at fandom culture overall.

The superfan sequence also demonstrates Bolin's enduring love of mover stardom. Even while caught up in the Red Lotus plot, he clearly misses his past fame. It would be nice to see him start his own mover studio after bringing balance to the world, as he has the passion and knowledge of cinema.

The Red Lotus Origins and Goals

Episode 9 finally pulls back the curtain on the mysterious Red Lotus organization. While once part of the Order of the White Lotus, a splinter group broke off years ago. This subset disagreed with ending the Avatar cycle and nations' sovereignty after the 100 Year War.

Led by Zaheer, the Red Lotus aims to take down all world governments and leaders, throwing the world into chaos. The idea is that balance and fairness can only thrive in the absence of power structures. Of course, their extreme methods involving kidnapping and murder means they've become villified as terrorists.

Unalaq's Shocking Betrayal

In a major twist, Unalaq is revealed as a former Red Lotus member who betrayed the group after a failed kidnapping plot against Korra. His later Dark Avatar actions were entirely self-serving, indicating the Red Lotus itself is likely not intrinsically evil, just extremist.

Still, Unalaq proves that fanatical devotion without empathy and compassion can lead down dark paths. The Red Lotus philosophy of radically altering society through destruction does more harm than good in practice.

Where to Watch New Korra Episodes

With Korra pulled from TV, fans now need to watch new episodes online through digital release. Each Friday at 12 pm Eastern, Nick.com premieres the latest Korra. Amazon and iTunes also sell every episode. For international viewers blocked from the Nick site, using a VPN service can bypass regional restrictions.

This new digital-only approach actually had been Nickelodeon's original plan before changing directions multiple times. Live TV ultimately proved the wrong fit for Korra in terms of ratings and advertising. While disappointing for fans accustomed to DVR recordings, at least the show continues uninterrupted on streaming.


Q: Who are the Red Lotus?
A: The Red Lotus is an anarchist splinter group of the Order of the White Lotus seeking to take down world governments.

Q: What happened with Unalaq and the Red Lotus?
A: Unalaq was secretly part of the Red Lotus plot to capture Korra, but went rogue and pursued his own Dark Avatar agenda.

Q: Why did Nickelodeon pull Korra off TV?
A: Due to leaks and changing plans, Nick struggled to market Korra. All new episodes are digital-only.

Q: How can I watch new Korra episodes?
A: New episodes premiere Fridays at 12PM ET on Nick.com. Buy episodes on Amazon/iTunes or use a VPN if blocked.

Q: Will Korra defeat Zaheer in combat?
A: Unlikely. Korra will probably have to find a non-combat solution since Zaheer's team is extremely skilled.

Q: Is Suyin working with the Red Lotus?
A: Possibly. Her nonchalance about Korra's safety and the Zaheer-looking clown in her photo are suspicious.

Q: What is Zaheer's end goal?
A: He wants to take down world governments and return to the era before Raava and Vaatu's split, aided by the Lion Turtles.

Q: Why does Zaheer want to kidnap Korra?
A: His motives are still unclear, but likely to advance the Red Lotus agenda of dismantling nations and bringing a new world order.

Q: Will Bolin learn to metalbend?
A: Possibly. His work with Varrick's magnets and the metalbending game foreshadow Bolin developing metalbending skills.

Q: What's next for Team Korra?
A: Zaheer will likely try kidnapping Korra from Earth Queen Hou-Ting and the Dai Li agents.