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Top Resources to Master Midjourney AI Prompt Crafting

Author: Olivio SarikasTime: 2023-12-30 17:40:00

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Learn from a Leading Midjourney Prompt Expert on Instagram

One of the best resources for Midjourney AI prompts and inspiration is robomar.ai.art on Instagram. He posts incredible Midjourney art experiments every day, including the exact prompts used. This makes it easy to learn what prompts work well and build off them for your own experiments. You can also reach out to robomar.ai.art directly with prompt suggestions and questions.

In addition to daily posts, robomar.ai.art also regularly shares in-depth explorations of different styles and techniques for prompting Midjourney AI. Subscribing to his Instagram feed is a must for prompt inspiration and education from a leading expert power user.

Get Daily Midjourney Experiment Results and Prompts

Robomar.ai.art's Instagram feed delivers gorgeous, cutting edge Midjourney art to your screen daily. More importantly, he includes a breakdown of the exact prompt used to generate each unique piece. This makes it easy to take inspiration from what works and integrate it into your own prompt crafting efforts. Seeing examples of successful prompts for different subjects, styles, and techniques will rapidly advance your skills and open new creative possibilities through Midjourneys'generative capabilities.

Reach Out to Discuss Custom Prompts

Beyond consuming the prompts and results that robomar.ai.art regularly posts, you can also reach out to him directly via Instagram. This channel allows you to ask questions about prompts, make custom prompt requests for him to experiment with, or simply start a discussion. As an expert Midjourney user who pushes the envelope daily, he has deep knowledge to share. Tapping into that through an Instagram conversation can provide helpful prompt guidance tailored to your artistic goals and interests.

Leverage the Wisdom of the Midjourney Discord Community

The official Midjourney Discord server has amazing resources thanks to its community of savvy users. In particular, focus your attention on the #prompt-craft channel. This houses lively discussions about creating better prompts across visual styles and subject matters.

When you have questions arise during the prompt creation process, search or ask here for solutions from people regularly tackling similar issues. Listening into conversations happening is educational due to the expertise concentrating in this channel.

Study Curated Prompt Examples in the Prompt Clips Channel

For concrete examples of prompts generating awe-inspiring results, explore the #prompt-clips channel on the Midjourney Discord. Users actively share their finest prompt/result pairs with details on why they worked so well. This aggregation of members’ best work is an untold prompt resource right at your fingertips.

The channel gives invaluable insight into which parameters, modifiers, aesthetics, and other prompt elements come together into cohesive, quality images. Let it be your prompt laboratory to freely build future experiments off the successes of other users willing to share.

Access Downloadable Prompt Resources and FAQs

The #prompt-faq channel on the same Midjourney Discord offers supplement prompt materials any Midjourney user would be remiss not to at least browse. For example, you can instantly access downloadable guides detailing scores of prompt structure examples across subjects and styles.

These aggregate resources cover the essentials newcomers should know about crafting quality prompts for Midjourney AI. However, the channel also houses advanced insights, best practices, and troubleshooting advice helpful even for seasoned users as they continue improving their prompt skills.

Browse a Massive Public Archive of Prompt Styles and Results

Hosted on Github, a sizable public archive categorizes 1000s of Midjourney images by the styles and parameters used to generate them. It acts as a prompt explorer you can visually filter through narrowing into different aesthetic groupings via tags.

The archive's scale and organization offers unparalleled perspective into how introducing or combining different artistic modifiers into prompts impacts final outputs. You uncover everything from transforming lighting, textures, and camera angles to mixing fantastical, retro, and abstract elements together through example.

Check the Comments for More Recommendations

This YouTube video itself can lead to more Midjourney resources since users regularly exchange recommendations for tools, communities, and educational content in the comments. Beyond checking back for additional ideas people suggest over time, you can proactively ask for users’ favorite prompt assets.

The engaged viewership here tends to have their own specialized prompt knowledge worth tapping into on top of the starting places covered in this video.


Q: Where can I connect with a leading Midjourney prompt expert?
A: Check out robomar.ai.art on Instagram. He posts daily Midjourney experiments along with prompts and is happy to discuss suggestions.

Q: What Midjourney Discord channels are most helpful?
A: Focus on #promptcraft for Q&A, #prompt-clips to browse examples, and #prompt-faqs for resources.

Q: Where can I find a public archive of Midjourney prompt styles?
A: There is a great GitHub archive organizing prompts by style, subject matter, and more for inspiration.

Q: How can I get the latest recommendations?
A: Check the comments on this post for the community's favorite new Midjourney resources.