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Try Before You Buy: Demo Toontrack MIDI Packs in Superior Drummer 3

Author: Jeremy VaraoTime: 2024-01-24 04:45:00

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Introduction to Previewing Toontrack MIDI Packs in Superior Drummer 3

Superior Drummer 3 includes a useful built-in feature for previewing Toontrack's library of MIDI packs before purchasing. This allows browsing and listening to the full contents of MIDI packs to make informed buying decisions.

While Toontrack's website includes short audio clips from MIDI packs, Superior Drummer 3 grants access to play every loop, fill, and song structure contained in each pack using your chosen drum kits and presets. This blog post will cover the frustrations of buying MIDI packs blindly, guide you through accessing Toontrack's MIDI library from within Superior Drummer 3, and highlight the key benefits of trying before buying virtual instruments.

Overview of Superior Drummer 3 MIDI Pack Demos

The Toontrack MIDI library available in Superior Drummer 3 includes all of their available MIDI content, including packs for EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 3, and standalone formats. Genres range from pop and rock to metal, blues, jazz, and more. You can search, browse, preview, and mix and match MIDI content. This allows potential buyers to thoroughly evaluate packs by listening to full songs and checking out multiple variations before purchasing. No more wasting money or being disappointed by lackluster content.

Frustrations of Buying MIDI Packs Blindly

Perusing Toontrack's official website and even other marketplaces that sell their MIDI packs, you'll typically only get to hear short 30-second audio clips. These clips loosely showcase small snippets of a few different grooves. While useful, such clips are not fully representative and could leave some great content hidden. Additionally, 30 seconds is rarely enough time to properly evaluate the mix-ready production and variation quality of a loop pack.

Accessing the Toontrack MIDI Library in Superior Drummer 3

Launching Superior Drummer 3 brings you to the main kit and groove browsing screen. Here we can load one of Superior Drummer 3's drum kits, like the "Gen" pop/rock kit, which will sound great when previewing MIDI packs.

Next, click on the "Show Web Shop MIDI" button below the main groove browser. This will connect to Toontrack's online database and display the full MIDI library split into genres and packs after a short loading time.

Launching Superior Drummer 3

First, launch the Superior Drummer 3 plugin or application. The initial screen displays the plugin's available drum kits, hanging mic positions, and so on. Browse Superior Drummer 3's high-quality kits to pick a drum set you like.

Loading a Drum Kit

Once launched, click on the "kit" button and browse Superior Drummer 3's available drum kits. For example, try loading the realistic-sounding "Gen" kit under Pop & Rock Kits, which works great for rock and pop MIDI grooves. Personal preferences for kits varies, so explore options. Customize the kit further by adjusting tunings, mic mixes, and other parameters until you have a drum sound you like for previewing MIDI packs.

Opening the Toontrack Web Shop

After customizing a drum kit, click over to the main "Grooves" panel, then click the "Show Web Shop MIDI" button near the bottom left. This will load and connect to Toontrack's online MIDI database, cataloging all of their available MIDI content into a built-in browser within Superior Drummer 3.

Listening to Full MIDI Pack Demos

Now we can browse, search, preview and evaluate the complete contents of Toontrack MIDI packs just like we would in a traditional online marketplace. Let's explore the browsing options and take advantage of hearing full songs, sections, variations and individual beats before purchasing.

Browsing MIDI Genres and Packs

After launching the Toontrack web shop, browse the sidebar to pick MIDI genres you're interested in. For example, click on "Alt-Rock" then you can select individual MIDI packs like "Modern Arena Rock Grooves". All available loops, fills, intros, endings and song formats included in that pack are now listed and can be auditioned one by one to hear everything included before buying.

Playing Full MIDI Pack Previews

With a pack selected, browse the list of loops and click on any individual preview icon to hear each loop played in context of your selected Superior Drummer 3 kit and customizations. This means that rather than relying on short factory audio clips, you now can choose to play full sections of different song parts using your own personalized drum sounds.

Benefits of Trying Before Buying MIDI

Shopping for new MIDI content to use in your music compositions should be an enjoyable, risk-free process. While sifting through technical specifications and short audio clips can inform to an extent, nothing substitutes for extended hands-on evaluation.

Avoid Disappointing Purchases

Even reputable sample developers release the occasional MIDI pack that simply doesn't inspire or cohesively fit musical needs. With the Superior Drummer 3 web shop integration, listening to full MIDI songs across different sections eliminates such disappointments.

Hear Every MIDI File

30 or 60 second demo clips will rarely showcase the entire diversity and breadth of a full MIDI pack. Accessing Superior Drummer 3's integrated MIDI catalog means you can actually preview and listen to every single individual file before buying.

Make Informed Buying Decisions

Rather than relying on limited external demos often using synthesized drums rather than realistic kits, the Toontrack MIDI Shop in Superior Drummer provides everything needed to make the right purchasing decisions for your productions.


Previewing and evaluating virtual instrument products prior to purchase should be the expected norm, not the exception. With the Toontrack web shop integration, Superior Drummer 3 delivers on this for MIDI packs and content with the ability to actually try-before-you-buy.

Never again waste money on disappointing virtual instruments or settle for short, potentially misleading audio clips. Instead, tap into Superior Drummer 3 for unlimited access to the complete Toontrack MIDI catalog for informed purchases.


Q: What is the built-in MIDI demo feature in Superior Drummer 3?
A: Superior Drummer 3 allows you to browse and preview full MIDI packs from Toontrack online before purchasing them.

Q: What MIDI packs can I demo?
A: You can demo all of Toontrack's MIDI and EZX packs, across all genres like rock, metal, pop, blues, jazz, etc.

Q: How do I access the MIDI demo feature?
A: In Superior Drummer 3, go to the Grooves tab, click the 'Show Web Shop MIDI' button, and you'll see the full online MIDI library to browse.

Q: Can I use my own drum kits with the MIDI demos?
A: Yes, you can use your customized kits and presets when previewing the MIDI packs.

Q: Why demo MIDI packs before buying them?
A: Demos let you preview entire MIDI packs to avoid wasting money on lackluster purchases and make informed buying decisions.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to use the demos?
A: Yes, you'll need an internet connection to connect to the Toontrack server and stream MIDI preview audio.

Q: Can I export the MIDI demos?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot export the MIDI files from the demo previews.

Q: Is there a time limit on the MIDI demo previews?
A: No, you can preview the MIDI packs for as long as you want before deciding to purchase.

Q: Will the MIDI demos work on other drum software/devices?
A: The demos only work within Superior Drummer 3 and won't work in other drum programs or standalone hardware.

Q: Do I need to own Superior Drummer 3 to use the demos?
A: Yes, you need Superior Drummer 3 installed to access and preview the MIDI demos.