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Ultimate Guide to Japan's Legendary Nismo Festival Car Show

Author: Dino DCTime: 2024-01-27 22:10:00

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Welcome to the Mecca of Nissan Motorsports

The Nismo Festival held annually at Fuji Speedway is a motorsports fan's paradise, especially for diehard Nissan enthusiasts. As you enter the event, one of the first epic race cars on display is the 1999 Super GT Champion Pennzoil Nissan R34 GT-R driven by legendary drivers Erik Comas and Satoshi Motoyama. This dominant race car followed the 1998 title winning Pennzoil R33 GT-R, marking a glorious era for the RB26 engine.

After admiring this iconic race car, it's time to venture into the pits and paddock area to witness the incredible range of historic and modern Nissan race cars, factory demo cars from top tuning shops, and some of the rarest parts and merchandise you'll find in Japan.

Legendary Race Cars on Display

The pits and paddock area at Nismo Festival showcase Nissan's rich racing heritage and prowess on circuits around the world. Fans can get up close to legendary machines like the Nissan R380, the Safari Rally Datsun 240Z, the Nissan R31 Skyline RS Turbo, and the incredible Calsonic R32 GT-R Group A racer.

Touring the Pit Areas and Race Paddock

Walking through the pits and paddock is like stepping into a live Nissan museum. Race prepped Nissan Z cars, Sunny race cars, Hakosuka Skylines, R32 GT-Rs, R33 GT-Rs, R34 GT-Rs, and R35 GT-Rs spanning decades of racing dominance await at every turn. Even with all the noise of racing engines firing up, it's a petrolhead's paradise.

Must-See Nissan Heritage and Racing Legends

At the Nismo Festival, some of Nissan's rarest, most successful, and downright coolest race cars take center stage. Fans can witness the evolution of GT-R racing prowess across generations, from the legendary Kenmeri GT-R through the R32, R33, R34, and up to the modern R35 GT-R tearing up tracks today.

Other stunning race cars on display include the Nissan R89C that competed at Le Mans, the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Super Taikyu race car, and the epic Motul Autech GT-R which took the Overall Win at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, a feat no other GT-R has achieved.

Nissan's Electric Racing Showcase

Nissan highlights their engineering expertise with a collection of EV race cars like the Formula E racer, Leaf Nismo RC, and Nissan Ariya single seater concept. Fans can look inside the Formula E car to see the advanced powertrain technology powering Nissan's electric racing future.

The Evolution of GT-R Race Cars

Seeing all the GT-R racers together reveals Nissan's constant pursuit of performance and racing glory. From the early Hakosuka and Kenmeri to the Group A legends, the brutally fast GT500 cars, and the unbeatable R35 GT-R Nismo, the GT-R bloodline thrills fans at Nismo Festival.

Vintage Skyline Stars Steal the Show

Among the many legendary Skylines, the Nissan Prince R380, the iconic Kenmeri GT-R, and the rare Nissan Skyline 2000GT all deliver serious Japanese muscle car eye candy. These vintage racers demonstrate Nissan's sporting spirit all the way back to the 1960s.

Biggest Names in Japanese Tuning

Nismo Festival brings out the best demo cars from Japan's leading aftermarket tuners, showing off their latest performance parts and custom styles. The cars on display from Trust, Top Secret, Mine's, and more represent the elite level of Japanese tuning.

Demo Cars from Trust, Top Secret, Mine's

Big tuning shops like Trust show off their demo cars like the R35 GT-R and R34 Skyline to highlight their parts. Meanwhile the Top Secret R35 GT-R turns heads with its aggressive style and carbon additions. And the legendary Mine's R34 GT-R returns to its root's in full glory.

Custom Body Kits and Performance Upgrades

The demo cars from Valide, DAMD, and Garage Active reveal stunning aero kit designs. VeilSide debuts their unique widebody Nissan 370Z showing off their signature style. And shops like Impul and MCR dial-in big power with their modified GT-Rs and Z cars.

Wheel and Tire Packages for Every Budget

Big names in wheels like Volk, WedsSport, Rays, and SSR have huge booths showing off custom fitment and sizing options. Combined with the latest demo tires from Falken, Dunlop, and Yokohama, there's a wheel and tire package for every build and budget.

Special Edition Merchandise and GTR Dream Parts

From the huge Nismo factory store to booths for Option Magazine, Tomei, and more, Nismo Festival exclusives tempt fans with rare collectibles and discounts on hard-to-find parts. Everything from Nismo heritage merchandise to discounted titanium exhausts and suspension components satisfy shoppers.

Rare Finds in the Nismo Factory Store

Inside the massive Nismo factory store, fans find a dream lineup of new and heritage Nismo merchandise. The rarest CRS and Clubman Race Spec GT-Rs entice high-roller buyers, while the RB28 special engine tops the wish list of GT-R tuners.

Upgrade Your Ride with OEM+ Goodies

Shops like Tomei offer special festival pricing on parts that transform street Nissans. Grab deals on in-demand upgrades like intakes, brakes, coilovers, and exhausts to boost performance and style. And find unique accessories to personalize your ride inside and out.

Epic Festival Wrap Up and Final Impressions

After an amazing day witnessing decades of Nissan pedigree, it's clear that Nismo Festival offers something for every fan, from the purest motorsports enthusiasts to the most devoted car show attendees. Nowhere else delivers this mix of historic race cars, legendary tuner demo machines, and the rarest Nissan parts all in one place.

With nonstop action on the track, gleaming demo cars, and more rare Nissan sights than most museums, the Nismo Festival proves itself as a must-visit celebration of the Nissan spirit, year after year.


Q: Where and when is the Nismo Festival held?
A: The Nismo Festival takes place annually in November or December at Fuji Speedway in Japan.

Q: What types of cars can you see at the Nismo Festival?
A: Everything from historic Skyline race cars to modern GT-Rs tuned by famous Japanese shops to the latest in Nissan electric racing.

Q: How can I get tickets to attend the Nismo Festival?
A: Tickets typically go on sale a few months before the event through the official Nismo Festival website.

Q: Are there activities at the festival besides the car show?
A: Yes, the festival includes demonstrations and races by historic Nissan race cars as well as merchandise and food booths.

Q: Can you buy parts from the tuning shops at their booths?
A: Many tuners offer special pricing on parts at their booths during the festival. Items may sell out quickly so shop early.

Q: What is the best way to see all the cars at the huge festival?
A: Arrive early and be prepared to do a lot of walking! Review the site map and schedule to optimize your time.

Q: Can you get access to the racing paddock area?
A: General admission ticket holders have access to tour the pits and paddock to see race cars up close during certain times.

Q: Do people bring their personal Nissan/Datsun cars to show off?
A: Yes, owners will display their own custom rides in special areas around the festival grounds.

Q: Is there an awards ceremony for the best show cars?
A: The festival usually includes an awards ceremony to recognize standout demo cars from the top tuning shops.

Q: Will there be Nismo Festivals in the future?
A: As an annual tradition for Nissan, the Nismo Festival will carry on for years to come as the stage for new racing legends.