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Using Custom Instructions to Create Consistent Characters in DALL-E 3

Author: Quick Start CreativeTime: 2023-12-29 09:55:01

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Overview of Using Custom Instructions for Consistent DALL-E 3 Characters

Custom instructions allow you to provide DALL-E 3 with additional context and rules to follow when generating images. This can be helpful for getting more consistent representations of characters across multiple generated images.

By providing a detailed description of a character's physical appearance, clothing, and other distinctive visual details in the custom instructions, you increase the chances that DALL-E 3 will render that character consistently even as their pose and surrounding scene changes between images.

Benefits of Custom Instructions for DALL-E 3

The main benefits of using custom instructions for generating consistent DALL-E 3 characters include:

  • More control over how characters look across images
  • Reduce unexpected variation in character details like clothing or hair
  • Allow flexible posing/positioning while keeping core visual elements the same

Example Custom Instruction for DALL-E 3 Characters

Here is an example custom instruction that describes the character "Blake" for consistent rendering across DALL-E 3 images: "Blake is a tall, muscular African American man with short black hair and brown eyes. He wears blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and brown boots. His superhero alter ego The Sentinel wears a teal and navy blue armored tactical suit with an 'S' emblem on the chest."

Generating a DALL-E 3 Comic with Custom Character Instructions

By providing DALL-E 3 with custom instructions describing the main hero and villain characters, along with some context about the comic's story and art style, you can generate a multi-panel comic while maintaining consistent character depictions throughout.

The key is giving enough descriptive detail up front for the AI to render the characters visually as intended. The custom instructions act as guard rails even as the characters move to different poses/positions in each panel.

Refining the DALL-E 3 Output for Desired Character Consistency

Even with detailed custom character instructions, DALL-E 3 may sometimes stray in visual details like costuming when generating a series of comic panels.

By closely reviewing the initial AI-generated panels and re-generating any that lack the intended identifying details described for main characters, you can iteratively improve consistency.

For example, if Blake's super suit emblem is missing from one panel, re-generate that panel with a reminder about his costume elements from the custom instructions.

Converting the DALL-E 3 Comic Panels into a Full Story Narration

Once you have a visually consistent set of DALL-E 3 generated comic panels with your intended characters, you can take the sequential images and convert them into an integrated prose story.

By providing the panel images along with any initial story prompt used to generate them, you can feed it all back into the AI to produce a coherent narrative bringing together the visual elements.

Final Thoughts on Using Custom Instructions for Consistent DALL-E 3 Characters

Custom instructions enable much more control over DALL-E 3 image generation, including consistent rendering of important characters across panels and scenes.

Some refinement of the AI output is still often needed, but overall custom instructions provide essential context for the AI to adhere to critical visual details.


Q: What are custom instructions in DALL-E 3?
A: Custom instructions allow users to provide DALL-E 3 with predefined rules and guidelines to follow when generating images, such as specifying consistent characters or art styles.

Q: How do custom instructions improve DALL-E 3 character consistency?
A: They provide clear descriptions of the desired characters upfront, which DALL-E then adheres to across the generated images instead of interpreting character details differently each time.

Q: What was the example custom instruction used?
A: The video demonstrated a custom instruction focused on generating comic book images with a specific main hero character called "The Sentinel" and a supporting character called Blake.

Q: What refinements were made to the initial DALL-E 3 output?
A: Some images diverged from the specified main characters, so the instructions were re-provided to re-focus DALL-E on maintaining those core characters throughout the comic panels generated.

Q: How was a full story narration created from the comic panels?
A: ChatGPT was used to analyze the 12 comic panels that DALL-E 3 produced and convert them into a flowing prose story narration reflecting the imagery.