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We Tested ChatGPT Against Top Math Solver Apps: See Which AI Performed Best

Author: Eda MathGirlTime: 2024-02-13 00:15:01

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Introduction: Putting ChatGPT to the Test Against Leading Math Apps

Mathematics has always been an integral part of our lives, from everyday calculations to complex equations that shape our understanding of the universe. In recent years, technological advancements have given rise to various math-solving apps that promise to simplify the process of solving mathematical problems. However, with the advent of ChatGPT, an AI-powered conversational agent, the question arises: how does it fare against established math apps in terms of problem-solving capabilities?

The Contenders: ChatGPT, Photomath, Mathway, and More

In this comprehensive evaluation, we pit ChatGPT against several renowned math-solving apps, including Photomath, Mathway, and Goth Mass. These apps have garnered significant popularity among students and professionals alike for their ability to provide step-by-step solutions to a wide range of mathematical problems.

Our Evaluation Criteria

To ensure a fair and thorough assessment, we have curated a set of 10 math questions that encompass various areas, including arithmetic, equations, derivatives, integrals, financial math, geometry, and statistics. These questions are designed to challenge the capabilities of each app and determine which one emerges as the most robust and reliable problem-solving tool.

Round 1: Solving Basic Math Problems

Our first round of testing focused on basic math problems, including simple arithmetic and basic equations. This round serves as a baseline to evaluate the apps' ability to handle fundamental mathematical computations.

Simple Arithmetic

In the simple arithmetic category, all contenders, including ChatGPT, Photomath, Mathway, and Goth Mass, managed to solve the problems correctly. This demonstrates their proficiency in handling basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Basic Equations

When it came to basic equations, Photomath stumbled on a challenging arithmetic problem, while the rest of the apps provided accurate solutions. This early hiccup from Photomath suggests that it might struggle with more complex equations later in the evaluation.

Round 2: Complex Math and Graphing

Round 2 ramped up the difficulty level by introducing challenging equations, derivatives, and integrals. This round aimed to test each app's ability to handle more advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques.

Challenging Equations

In the challenging equations category, both Goth Mass and Photomath managed to provide correct answers, while Mathway and ChatGPT struggled. This indicates that Goth Mass and Photomath have a strong foundation in solving complex algebraic equations.

Derivatives and Integrals

When it came to derivatives and integrals, all apps except Photomath demonstrated proficiency in solving these problems. This result further highlights Photomath's limitations in handling advanced calculus concepts.

Round 3: Applied Math and Diagrams

Round 3 focused on applied mathematics and problems that involved diagrams or word problems. This round aimed to assess each app's ability to interpret real-world scenarios and translate them into mathematical models.

Financial Math

In the financial math category, Goth Mass and ChatGPT provided correct answers, while Photomath and Mathway faltered. This result suggests that ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities give it an edge in understanding and solving real-world financial problems.

Geometry Problems

When faced with a geometry problem involving a triangle, ChatGPT fell short due to its inability to process images. Goth Mass emerged as the only app capable of solving this problem correctly, demonstrating its strengths in visual problem-solving.

The Winner? Our Take on the Top Math Problem Solver

After a comprehensive evaluation of 10 math questions spanning various categories, Goth Mass emerged as the overall strongest performer, earning an impressive 9 out of 10 rating. Its ability to handle complex equations, derivatives, integrals, and geometry problems set it apart from the competition.

The Overall Strongest Performer

Goth Mass demonstrated a remarkable ability to solve math problems using AI, providing correct answers to 9 out of the 10 questions. Its strong performance in complex equations, derivatives, integrals, and geometry problems showcased its robust problem-solving capabilities across a wide range of mathematical domains.

Key Takeaways on Each App's Strengths

While Goth Mass emerged as the overall winner, each app displayed unique strengths. ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities allowed it to excel in financial math and statistics problems, while Photomath and Mathway showed promise in solving basic equations and arithmetic problems. However, all apps exhibited limitations, such as Photomath's struggles with advanced calculus and ChatGPT's inability to process images.

Conclusion: AI Still Has Room for Improvement

Our evaluation of ChatGPT and leading math-solving apps has revealed that while AI-powered solutions have made significant strides in mathematical problem-solving, there is still room for improvement. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect these apps to become even more sophisticated, capable of handling a wider range of problems and providing more intuitive user experiences.


Q: Which app performed the best overall on math problems?
A: Based on our testing, Gotham performed the strongest overall across basic arithmetic, equations, graphing, and applied math questions.

Q: How did Photomath and Mathway compare?
A: While solid on basic math, Photomath and Mathway struggled with graphical and word problems compared to Gotham and ChatGPT.

Q: What types of math problems did ChatGPT excel at?
A: ChatGPT was very strong at textual math problems like equations and derivatives. However, it currently lacks image processing abilities.

Q: What was ChatGPT unable to solve?
A: Without the ability to process images, ChatGPT could not solve geometry problems requiring diagrams.

Q: What math solver app would you recommend?
A: For overall performance, we recommend Gotham. However, ChatGPT shows promise as an AI-based math problem solver with more development.

Q: Should I trust ChatGPT alone for math homework?
A: We advise caution relying solely on ChatGPT, as it still makes some mistakes. Always check ChatGPT's work against other solvers or your own knowledge.

Q: What was the biggest limitation of Photomath?
A: Photomath struggled with word problems and anything requiring deeper comprehension beyond basic math.

Q: Should students use these apps to cheat on math homework?
A: We strongly advise against using these tools to cheat, as this will not help you truly learn. Use them responsibly to check work or get unstuck.

Q: How could ChatGPT improve at solving math problems?
A: ChatGPT would benefit from image processing abilities and more advanced mathematical knowledge and reasoning.

Q: What was the overall best math problem solving app?
A: Based on solving a diverse range of question types, Gotham was the top performer in our test. However, AI like ChatGPT shows strong potential.