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Why Wing Chun is Banned in MMA: Understanding the Dangerous Techniques

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Introduction to MMA and Wing Chun

Mixed martial arts (MMA) has exploded in popularity over the past two decades, with fighters utilizing a variety of martial arts techniques and styles. One style that is notably absent from MMA competitions is Wing Chun Kung Fu. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art known for its lightning fast punches, close-range fighting, and brutal striking techniques. While Wing Chun could be an effective style in MMA, it is actually banned from competition. This article will examine why techniques like eye gouging and throat strikes, which are core to Wing Chun, are illegal in MMA.

The purpose of this article is to analyze the key Wing Chun techniques that are banned in MMA and discuss the reasoning behind these rules. By exploring the dangers of moves like eye gouging and throat grabbing, we can understand why MMA prohibits the full inclusion of Wing Chun for safety and competitive reasons.

Overview of MMA and Wing Chun

MMA allows fighters to utilize techniques from various combat sports and martial arts, including Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and others. This mix of fighting styles is what gives MMA its name. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art known for its fast hand strikes, close-range combat tactics and brutal self-defense techniques. Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun and incorporated some of its concepts into his Jeet Kune Do style. However, many core Wing Chun techniques are banned in MMA competition.

Purpose of this Article

This article will analyze the key Wing Chun techniques that are illegal in MMA and discuss the reasoning behind banning these moves. Eye gouging, throat grabbing and other questionable techniques will be examined.

Key Wing Chun Techniques Banned in MMA

There are two main Wing Chun techniques that are completely banned in MMA competition: eye gouging and throat grabbing. These moves are considered too dangerous and unethical for MMA's rules, which aim to promote fighter safety.

Wing Chun also utilizes some other questionable strikes, like the oblique kick, which are legal but controversial in MMA. The core concept of Wing Chun is deadly street fighting, which conflicts with MMA's goals as a controlled, regulated combat sport.

Eye Gouging

One of the most devastating Wing Chun techniques is eye gouging, which aims to blind or severely damage an opponent's eyes. This extremely dangerous move is explicitly banned in MMA competition.

Not only does eye gouging pose severe risks to fighters, it goes against the competitive spirit and safety precautions of MMA as a sport. Techniques like eye gouging have no place in MMA's regulated competition.

Dangers of Eye Gouging

Eye gouging can completely blind an opponent or cause permanent damage and disfigurement. Intentionally trying to blind an opponent is considered unethical, even in self-defense situations. Eye pokes can also cause distorted depth perception and visual impairment that is extremely dangerous during an MMA match, where punches and kicks are being thrown.

MMA Rules Against Eye Gouging

The unified rules of MMA strictly prohibit eye gouging or direct attacks to the eyes of an opponent. Even accidental eye pokes are penalized in MMA bouts. Intentionally gouging the eyes would result in immediate disqualification and possibly a lifetime ban.

Throat Grabbing

Another brutal Wing Chun technique designed for killing or maiming an opponent is throat grabbing. Like eye gouging, this move is far too dangerous for MMA competition.

Grabbing and crushing an opponent's windpipe could easily lead to serious injury or death. The sport of MMA simply cannot allow moves with such devastating effects.

Dangers of Throat Grabbing

Grabbing the throat can crush the trachea, damaging the windpipe and restricting oxygen. This can lead to brain damage or death by asphyxiation. Even without full force, throat grabs target a vulnerable area and the windpipe could still be damaged, risking permanent injury.

MMA Rules Against Throat Grabbing

The unified rules of MMA prohibit any attacks to the throat, including grabbing, clawing or striking the opponent's trachea or windpipe. As with eye gouges, intentionally grabbing the throat would lead to immediate disqualification and potentially a lifetime ban from MMA.

Other Questionable Wing Chun Techniques

While eye gouging and throat grabbing are clearly too dangerous for MMA, some other Wing Chun techniques occupy a gray area of controversy but are technically legal.

Oblique Kick Controversy

The oblique kick or 'stomp kick' snaps the knee backwards by stomping on it from the side. This can cause severe ligament tears. MMA fighters like Jon Jones have used the oblique kick to debilitate opponents' legs and gain an advantage. However, many view it as an unethical, career-threatening technique.


In conclusion, Wing Chun is banned from MMA competition primarily because core techniques like eye gouging and throat grabbing are considered far too dangerous and unethical for MMA.

As a regulated combat sport, MMA prohibits moves that intentionally maim or kill opponents. Wing Chun's DNA is brutally effective self-defense, not competitive fighting.

Key Takeaways

Wing Chun's eye gouges and throat grabs are banned in MMA for being unethical and extremely high risk to fighter safety. MMA aims to be a controlled, competitive sport rather than street fighting. Wing Chun's deadliest techniques have no place.

Future of Wing Chun in MMA

Some Wing Chun concepts and non-lethal techniques could viably complement other MMA styles. However, expect core Wing Chun moves to remain banned from MMA for ethical and safety reasons.


Q: Why is Wing Chun banned in MMA?
A: Wing Chun is banned in MMA primarily due to its use of dangerous techniques like eye gouging and throat grabbing, which are illegal in the sport.

Q: What techniques make Wing Chun dangerous?
A: The key techniques that make Wing Chun dangerous and banned in MMA are eye gouging, throat grabbing, and controversial moves like the oblique kick.

Q: Could you use Wing Chun in MMA without illegal moves?
A: While some Wing Chun techniques are legal in MMA, it would be very difficult for a true Wing Chun practitioner to suppress their instinct to use banned moves that are ingrained in the art.

Q: What are the MMA rules against eye gouging?
A: MMA has strict rules against eye gouging, even accidental eye pokes can lead to point deductions. Fighters can be fined or banned for intentionally gouging eyes.

Q: Why is throat grabbing illegal in MMA?
A: Throat grabbing is illegal in MMA because it is extremely dangerous and could crush the trachea, leading to serious injury or death.

Q: Is the oblique kick legal in MMA?
A: Yes, the oblique kick is currently legal in MMA. However, it is controversial for aiming to damage the knee joint and some want it banned.

Q: What does the Wing Chun ban say about the art?
A: The fact that Wing Chun is banned in MMA demonstrates how effective and lethal it is as a martial art.

Q: Could Wing Chun ever be allowed in MMA?
A: It's unlikely Wing Chun will be fully allowed in MMA, as core techniques counter the sport's goals. But some techniques may eventually be permitted.

Q: What are the key differences between MMA and Wing Chun?
A: MMA is a competitive sport with rules, while Wing Chun was developed for real combat/self-defense with potentially lethal techniques.

Q: How can MMA better accommodate different martial arts?
A: MMA could better accommodate martial arts like Wing Chun by relaxing certain rules against techniques, provided they are used ethically and don't cause permanent damage.