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iZotope Neoverb Review: Most Intelligent Reverb Plugin for Music Producers

Author: iZotope, Inc.Time: 2024-01-28 16:40:02

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Introducing iZotope Neoverb: AI-Powered Intelligent Reverb

iZotope Neoverb is the most intelligent reverb plugin for music producers. It introduces Reverb Assistant, the world's first real-time reverb preset creator that is custom tailored to your track.

With just a few clicks, Reverb Assistant helps you identify the perfect reverb vibe for your instruments, tracks, and buses. The included style and size sliders let you blend your choice of three distinct reverb algorithms, ranging from short, realistic reflections to massive spaces and halls.

Real-Time Reverb Preset Creator for Any Track

Reverb Assistant is a groundbreaking new feature in iZotope Neoverb. It listens to your track in real-time and suggests custom reverb presets suited specifically for your audio. You can tweak the suggested presets by adjusting the style and size sliders until you find the perfect blend of algorithms and settings. It takes the guesswork out of dialing in reverb and saves you tons of time experimenting.

Blend 3 Distinct Reverb Algorithms

Neoverb lets you blend up to 3 distinct reverb algorithms simultaneously using the Blend Pad. Gone are the days of complex bus routing just to layer reverbs. The 3 algorithms provide a diverse range of reverbs - from short, realistic rooms to long, lush halls. Blending them expands your creative options exponentially while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface.

How Reverb Assistant Works in iZotope Neoverb

Reverb Assistant is powered by AI to analyze your track and suggest reverb presets in real-time. All you need to do is load up your track and click the Reverb Assistant button.

You can then tweak the suggested presets by adjusting the style and size sliders. Style blends between 3 algorithms while size controls the reverb length from tight rooms to expansive halls. The Tone section also shapes the overall sound.

When you find a reverb you like, Reverb Assistant will analyze it against your track. The EQ section then automatically applies cuts and boosts to help the reverb sit nicely in the mix without muffling or clutter.

Once done, you can further tweak the results or save it as a custom preset tailored specifically for your track. Reverb Assistant simplifies good reverb to just a few clicks!

Automatic EQ for Unmasking Reverb in the Mix

The intelligent EQ section in Neoverb leverages powerful unmasking features to help your reverb cut through the mix clearly.

In the Pre-EQ, Auto Cut listens to your dry track and suggests cuts for resonant frequencies that could cause unwanted artifacts.

The Reverb EQ then makes EQ moves to help the final reverb come through cleanly against the original signal. A masking meter shows potential problem areas.

Together, these EQ tools take the meticulous surgical EQ work out of getting your reverb to sit just right in the mix.

Pre-EQ Cuts Resonant Frequencies Causing Artifacts

The Pre-EQ's Auto Cut feature analyzes your dry track and detects resonant peaks that often translate into unpleasant ringing artifacts once reverb is applied. It then automatically applies narrow cuts to these frequencies so your reverb tails remain clear and artifact-free. No more hunting down freqs or dealing with nasty resonant ringing.

Reverb EQ Unmasks Tail for Clarity Against Original

Once Reverb Assistant applies its suggested reverb, the Reverb EQ gets to work. The Unmask feature analyzes where your reverb tails may be masking against or being masked by the original dry signal. It then makes corrective EQ boosts and cuts so your final reverb can cut through the mix clearly and without muffling. A masking meter helps visualize problem areas for additional tweaking.

Advanced Modulation Options for Dimension and Movement

The Mod Pad section adds an extra layer of depth and motion to your reverb for richer, more dimensional spaces.

You can choose between two different modulation modes. The first introduces random pitch and timing fluctuations for natural movement reminiscent of analog hardware.

The second is a more subtle modulated pitch effect that introduces a consistent chorusing-like character.

Get static reverbs moving with organic, transparent modulation using the Mod Pad controls in Neoverb.

Hundreds of Inspiring Presets for Any Song or Style

iZotope Neoverb comes loaded with over a hundred professionally-designed presets to instantly transform the vibe of your tracks.

The presets span a diverse range of genres and styles, from lush orchestral halls to drum rooms, vocals, guitars and more. They provide a quick starting point to dial in rich, dimensional spaces.

On top of that, Neoverb includes useful FX racks that allow for creative sound design such as reverbs chained in parallel and series. Fire up Neoverb and explore hundreds of inspiring spaces today!

Conclusion: Most Intelligent Reverb for Music Production

With groundbreaking new AI features like Reverb Assistant and Auto Cut, iZotope Neoverb represents the most intelligent reverb plugin available today.

It simplifies the often meticulous task of choosing and fitting reverb to your tracks down to just a few clicks. And the triple algorithm Blend Pad provides exponential creative options without interface clutter.

If you want to save time getting pro-quality, mix-ready reverbs tailored to your songs, look no further than iZotope Neoverb. The future of intelligent assistive audio tools for music production is here.


Q: What is iZotope Neoverb?
A: Neoverb is an intelligent reverb plugin that uses AI to create custom reverb presets tailored to your tracks.

Q: How does the Reverb Assistant work?
A: Reverb Assistant analyzes your track in real-time and helps identify the perfect reverb vibe using style and size sliders to blend algorithms.

Q: What algorithms does Neoverb use?
A: Neoverb includes 3 distinct reverb algorithms - from short, realistic reflections to massive spaces and halls.

Q: Does Neoverb do automatic EQ?
A: Yes, Neoverb uses EQ to unmask the reverb and make it sit well in your mix - with features like Auto Cut, Unmask, and masking visualizations.

Q: Can you customize the reverb?
A: Yes, the Blend Pad lets you blend the 3 algorithms. The Mod Pad adds modulation effects. There are also 100+ presets.

Q: How can I try Neoverb?
A: You can download a free 10-day trial of Neoverb from the iZotope website.

Q: Does Neoverb work on Mac and PC?
A: Yes, Neoverb works as a plugin in all major DAWs on both Mac and Windows.

Q: What formats does Neoverb support?
A: Neoverb supports AAX, AU, VST2, and VST3 plugin formats.

Q: Is Neoverb compatible with other iZotope plugins?
A: Yes, Neoverb has built-in masking meters that visualize overlap with other compatible iZotope plugins.

Q: How much does Neoverb cost?
A: Neoverb is available for $199 from the iZotope website. Check for current deals and discounts.