Businessman in Black Suit Coughing While Wearing Mask on Yellow Sofa

穿黑色西装西裤 带一次性口罩  商务男士  直立坐黄色沙发上 手捂着嘴 咳嗽  侧面全身图

AI Art Image Prompt


穿黑色西装西裤 带一次性口罩 商务男士 直立坐黄色沙发上 手捂着嘴 咳嗽 侧面全身图

AI Art Prompt Analyze

  • Subject: The primary subject of the image is a businessman, indicating a professional individual typically involved in corporate or entrepreneurial activities. This character is dressed formally, suggesting a scenario that might involve work, meetings, or professional events. Setting or Background: The businessman is seated on a yellow sofa, which adds a striking contrast to his black suit. This setting could imply a modern, stylish interior, possibly a corporate lounge, an office with vibrant decor, or a contemporary home setting. The choice of a yellow sofa against the formality of a black suit creates an interesting juxtaposition, merging professional and casual aesthetics. Style/Coloring: The image should balance realism with a touch of stylization to highlight the textures and colors - the sleek black of the suit against the bright, inviting yellow of the sofa. Lighting should accentuate the formality of the suit and the casual comfort of the sofa, creating a visually appealing contrast. Action or Items: The action captured is the businessman covering his mouth with his hand while coughing, a detail that adds a layer of realism to the scene. The presence of a disposable mask adds a contemporary element, reflecting current health-aware practices. It suggests the theme of health precautions in professional settings. Costume or Appearance: The businessman's attire - a black suit and trousers - is classic and timeless, indicating professionalism and sophistication. The suit should appear well-fitted, complementing the businessman's demeanor. His disposable mask, while a simple accessory, is a significant detail that aligns with themes of health and safety. Accessories: While the main focus is on the suit and mask, minimal accessories like a wristwatch, a belt matching the suit, or subtle cufflinks could add depth to the character's professional image. These details, although small, contribute to the overall impression of meticulousness and attention to detail.