Levi Ackerman and Eren Tender Kiss

Levi Akkerman with Eren tender kiss

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Levi Akkerman with Eren tender kiss

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  • Subject: Levi Ackerman and Eren are characters likely from the anime 'Attack on Titan', known for their complex relationship. Setting: The scene likely takes place in a dramatic, possibly post-apocalyptic setting typical of the series, reflecting a blend of futuristic and dystopian elements. Background: The background may feature ruins or symbolic structures, emphasizing the turbulent emotions between the characters. Style/Coloring: The artwork could use a dynamic and emotional style, with vivid colors to convey the intensity of the moment. Action: Levi and Eren sharing a tender kiss suggests a moment of emotional vulnerability and closeness, contrasting with the usual action-packed scenes from the series. Items/Costume: Levi and Eren would likely be depicted in their distinctive military uniforms, possibly slightly disheveled to reflect the intensity of the scene. Appearance: Levi characterized by his sharp features and serious expression, contrasting with Eren's potentially softer, more introspective demeanor. Accessories: Levi might have his trademark Survey Corps cloak, while Eren might wear his omni-directional mobility gear, both elements adding authenticity to the characters' identities.