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Access DALL-E 3 Now with My Designs While Awaiting ChatGPT Pro

Author: Philip AndersTime: 2023-12-20 17:20:18

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Limited Access to ChatGPT Pro Including Core SEO Keywords

OpenAI has limited the access for new subscriptions to ChatGPT Pro, which is very annoying for all of you who want to try DALL-E 3. However, even if you're on the waiting list, there is a way to use DALL-E 3 and access it right now. In this blog post, I'm going to show you how to do this.

We are going to be using My Designs for this process because they have DALL-E 3 built into their software. I will have a link to their homepage in the description below. If you click "Get Started for Free," you can sign up for a free account which already gives you access to DALL-E 3. You can start generating your first few graphics for free and follow along with this tutorial.

Sitting on ChatGPT Pro Waitlist

ChatGPT Pro has throttled access for new users by implementing a waitlist. This means that even if you want to try out DALL-E 3, you can't get access to it through ChatGPT at the moment. The waitlist for ChatGPT Pro doesn't seem to be moving very fast. There's no clear timeline on when those on the waitlist will eventually gain access. This is very frustrating if you're eager to test out DALL-E 3 and its capabilities.

Using My Designs to Unlock DALL-E 3

My Designs provides a workaround to access DALL-E 3 without having to sit on the ChatGPT Pro waitlist. Since My Designs has integrated DALL-E 3 into their graphics and design software, new users can sign up for an account and start using DALL-E 3 right away. The free account on My Designs already provides some credits to generate DALL-E 3 images. And you can purchase additional credits if needed for more generations. So My Designs essentially enables access to DALL-E 3 until you eventually get off the ChatGPT Pro waitlist.

Using My Designs Dream AI Tab Including Core SEO Keywords

Once you've logged into your My Designs dashboard, you will have to head over to the Dream AI tab on the left-hand side. This is essentially an image generator with two different models: SDXL 1.0 and DALL-E 3.

There are a few image generation settings to consider within this tab before entering a prompt.

Image Quality and Resolution Settings

First of all, you'll want to choose "Text to Image" under mode for generating images from a text prompt. There is also an "Image to Image" option available. You can leave the style set to "Vivid" by default. The resolution can be altered if you want to output a very tall or wide image instead of the default 1:1 ratio. For maximum credit efficiency, set the quality to "Standard" instead of "High." At the Standard quality, it only costs 2 credits to generate each DALL-E 3 image compared to 4 credits at High Quality. The visual difference in quality between the two is generally negligible.

Entering a Text Prompt

This is where you enter your descriptive text prompt for DALL-E 3 to generate images from. Try to include details about what you want the AI to render in the image - the setting, characters, colors, mood etc. After entering a prompt, you can hit the "Dream" button to queue the image generation. You can even hit "Dream" multiple times to add several prompt generations to the queue before waiting for the results.

Generating and Downloading DALL-E 3 Images

Once you've queued up prompt generations, you'll see the images start to populate within the Dream AI tab under the "Dreams" section.

If you created an image that you like the look of and want to download, you can click on it and then select the download arrow icon in the top right corner. This will save the image file externally to your device.

There's also an option to "Save to Listings" instead of directly downloading. This will enable additional capabilities like bulk background removal, upscaling, and vectorizing all within the My Designs editor before downloading or integrating into products.

Using DALL-E 3 Images Externally

If you use the direct download option, you get the DALL-E 3 image saved externally with no restrictions. You can then run it through other software to upscale, refine, and prepare it for usage in designs and products. This allows you to leverage My Designs specifically for DALL-E 3 access and generation, while handling the downstream editing and implementation yourself.

Editing Images Within My Designs

By saving DALL-E 3 images to My Designs Listings instead of externally downloading, you unlock more built-in editing capabilities. My Designs enables advanced bulk actions like background removal, upscaling to high resolutions, and vector conversions on groups of images at once. You can then sell your refined DALL-E 3 graphics through My Designs as digital downloads or printed products, streamlining the entire process internally.

Using DALL-E 3 in My Designs Editor

In addition to the dedicated Dream AI image generator, you can also access DALL-E 3 capabilities within My Designs' general purpose Canvas Editor.

The Canvas Editor functions similarly to Canva or Photopea as a graphic design workspace. By navigating to the Template section, you can choose specific product templates to design for, like T-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc. This auto-configures the dimensions appropriately.

Editing DALL-E 3 Images

With a product template applied in the Canvas Editor, you can then generate and incorporate DALL-E 3 images through the Dream AI tab just like in the dedicated generator. Once added to your canvas, you can leverage built-in editing effects like instant background removal to further refine your auto-generated graphic before downloading or selling it through My Designs.

Downloading Completed Designs

After finalizing your product template design incorporating DALL-E 3 graphics, you can download the completed high resolution render with the background removed thanks to the integrated editing capabilities. This enables a streamlined workflow to go straight from a DALL-E 3 image prompt to a polished product design graphic within a single software solution.

My Designs Credit System

Generating DALL-E 3 images and using other advanced AI features within My Designs requires credits, which is how the platform monetizes usage of these computationally-intensive capabilities.

With the free account, you receive 33 credits to start with, allowing you to generate over 15 DALL-E 3 images at the Standard quality and resolution setting.

Paid Monthly Subscriptions

If you use up your initial free credits, My Designs offers paid subscription tiers Pro and Pro Plus that provide monthly batches of credits at 600 and 2,000 credits respectively. The higher-tier subscriptions may also experiment with unlimited credits for DALL-E 3 usage, removing any generation limits for paid members.

A La Carte Credit Purchases

Alternatively, you can purchase My Designs credits outright without a subscription if you only need infrequent DALL-E 3 access or additional services. For example, $10 gets you 250 credits. With DALL-E 3 images costing 2 credits each at Standard quality, that's 125 unique generations allowing for one-off project needs.


Q: Why use My Designs instead of waiting for ChatGPT Pro?
A: My Designs provides immediate access to DALL-E 3 generation, allowing you to create AI-generated images right away instead of waiting on a long waitlist for ChatGPT Pro.

Q: What features does My Designs offer?
A: My Designs has a Dream AI tab for generating DALL-E 3 images with text prompts, as well as a Canvas Editor that incorporates DALL-E 3 and provides templates, background removal, and other editing tools.

Q: How do credits work on My Designs?
A: You get 33 free credits to start, with the option to purchase Pro and Pro Plus monthly plans that include monthly credits. You can also buy credit packs individually if you only need limited usage.