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3 Clever Ways to Convert Square DALL-E 3 Images into Landscape or Portrait

Author: A-Z of Eveything AI (Azai) Time: 2024-01-21 16:25:00

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Introduction to Generating Custom Image Sizes with DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 by OpenAI is an exceptionally powerful image generation tool, capable of creating highly realistic and creative images from text prompts. However, it is limited to generating square images. In this blog post, I will demonstrate methods to manipulate, edit, and composite DALL-E 3 images to create custom image sizes and formats - from portrait to landscape - ideal for different applications.

While DALL-E 3 sets the new standard for AI image generation, overcoming its square image limitation unlocks vastly more use cases and creative possibilities.

The Power of DALL-E 3 for Image Generation

DALL-E 3 leverages cutting-edge AI and vast datasets to generate images of remarkably high quality and realism based on text description alone. The detail, creativity, and variance of images produced is unmatched by previous image generation systems. It empowers creators to instantly materialize any scene or concept they can imagine with ease. The applications span advertising, social media, e-commerce product shots, book covers, YouTube thumbnails, and far more.

The Limitation of Square Images

The 64x64 to 1024x1024 pixel images outputted by DALL-E 3 are unfortunately restricted to a 1:1 square aspect ratio. This can limit their suitability for common use cases: • Portrait images for mobile screens and social media profiles • Landscape images for computer displays and banners • Custom dimensions needed for print materials, merchandise, etc. Overcoming this limitation unlocks the full potential of this exceptional AI tool.

Method 1: Prompt Manipulation in DALL-E 3

The first technique leverages DALL-E's own image generation capabilities to create custom image sizes and formats.

By carefully crafting the text prompt provided to DALL-E 3, it is possible to coax the AI system into generating images framed and composed precisely how you need.

Words and phrases like "portrait", "landscape", "from a distance", and "centered" can help guide the image generation.

After generating the image, editing software like Inkscape or GIMP can be used to create a custom canvas size. The image can then be placed appropriately on this canvas and exported.

Method 2: Outpainting and Upscaling with AI Tools

The second technique utilizes free AI image processing services to transform DALL-E 3 images into any desired aspect ratio or size.

We first generate a square image in DALL-E 3, focused on the key subject matter needed.

Online AI outpainting tools like Pra.com can intelligently expand the image canvas beyond the original borders, filling in realistic extra details.

Upscaling services like LetsEnhance.io then increase the image resolution while preserving quality.

By combining outpainting and upscaling, square DALL-E images can be adapted to a wide range of dimensions and ratios for any project needs.

Method 3: Compositing Foreground Subjects on Custom Backgrounds

The third approach produces custom compositions by separating out subjects and backgrounds.

We first generate an image of only the main foreground subject on a plain white background.

A separate background image is then created in DALL-E 3 to match the desired scene and dimensions.

Image editing software once again allows combining the isolated foreground layer onto the custom background template.

This compositing technique grants full control over image size, layout, and perspective for the ultimate in customization.

Bonus: Generating More DALL-E 3 Images with AI Assistance

When your free monthly credits run out on DALL-E 3, there are actually a couple clever tricks to continue enjoying AI-generated images.

Microsoft's new Bing AI chatbot can directly generate images if you simply ask it to. Just type "Can you make this image" followed by your prompt.

You can also redeem Microsoft Rewards points earned from Bing searching and Edge browsing for extra DALL-E credits each month.

With these helpful tips, you need never stop producing custom, high-quality AI art for all your creative needs!


In conclusion, with a bit of technique and ingenuity, the square image constraint in DALL-E 3 can be overcome to produce all kinds of optimized and customized images.

The methods here unlock new creative possibilities and enhanced utility from this game-changing AI generation tool. Start creating custom portrait shots, landscape banners, and more tailored visuals today!


Q: What is DALL-E 3 and why is it useful for content creators?
A: DALL-E 3 is an advanced AI image generator that can create highly realistic and creative images from text prompts. It empowers content creators to easily generate custom images for thumbnails, social media posts, articles and more.

Q: What are some limitations of DALL-E 3 images?
A: The main limitation is that DALL-E 3 generates square images. This can make it challenging to create vertical or horizontal images suited for different platforms.

Q: How can prompt engineering help modify DALL-E 3 images?
A: Using specific keywords like 'from a distance' and 'in the center' in your prompts can coax DALL-E to focus the main subject in the center or other areas of the square canvas.

Q: What AI tools can help transform square DALL-E 3 images?
A: Services like Prax.com for outpainting and Cart.ai for upscaling allow extending and resizing DALL-E images into different aspect ratios and resolutions.

Q: How does compositing foreground and background work?
A: By generating a character/object and background separately in DALL-E 3, they can be composited in graphics editors like Inkscape to create custom landscape/portrait images.

Q: Can I get more DALL-E images without credits?
A: Yes, chatting with AI assistants like Anthropic's Claude can generate free DALL-E images. Also, earning Microsoft Rewards points can redeem DALL-E credits.

Q: What are the key takeaways?
A: With clever prompt engineering, AI image manipulation and compositing, DALL-E's square images can be customized into any aspect ratio for different platforms and uses.