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Access DALL-E Image Generation for Free in Bing Chat

Author: AI AndyTime: 2024-01-21 17:50:00

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Introduction to AI Image Generators like DALL-E and Midjourney

AI image generators like DALL-E and Midjourney have exploded in popularity recently. These tools allow users to generate highly realistic and creative images simply by describing them in text prompts. Some key capabilities include generating photorealistic scenes, imaginative art, combining disparate concepts in surreal ways, and even mimicking specific art styles.

While the results can be impressively convincing, these AI systems do have some limitations. Most notably, they may reinforce societal biases if not used carefully. There are also concerns around potential misuse for disinformation or explicit/offensive content. Responsible use principles are important for these rapidly advancing technologies.

Image Samples and Capabilities

Just describe a scene, concept, or idea in words and these systems can generate stunning visuals. For example, prompts like 'an astronaut riding a horse through a field of sunflowers' or 'a dragon playing chess in a steampunk library' produce creative images that capture those ideas. The quality continues improving with bigger datasets and training.

Limitations and Challenges

While AI image generators showcase the technology's potential, there are concerns to consider. Systems like DALL-E and Midjourney risk amplifying societal biases and generating inappropriate/offensive content if not carefully monitored. There are also fears about misuse for disinformation campaigns with fake generated images.

Bing Chat Image Creator Now in Preview

Microsoft has launched a new AI image creation feature in Bing powered by DALL-E integration. The Bing Chat Image Creator allows users to generate images simply by describing them in natural language chat. This provides easy and accessible AI image generation compared to needing standalone apps.

Currently it is available in preview mode for select users. Wider availability is expected soon, but a slow rollout allows proper testing to avoid potential abuses of the technology.

Access and Availability

The Bing Chat Image Creator is rolling out to some Bing preview members for initial testing. Both desktop and mobile users can access it by opting into the Bing preview program. It is not publicly available yet, but provides an early glimpse into the technology's integration.

Responsible AI Principles

Microsoft says development is guided by responsible AI principles to encourage safe use. Previous issues with Bing chat bots illustrate the care needed with releasing powerful generative AI openly. Slow rollout should help avoid potential abuses like offensive image generation.

Comparing Bing, DALL-E, and Midjourney Image Generation

While Bing leverages DALL-E technology, its image creation capabilities lag behind leading systems like DALL-E itself and Midjourney right now. Direct comparisons reveal Bing's images are less realistic and detailed. However, the access and convenience provided by chat integration is a major advantage.

Intergalactic City Prompt

When generating an 'intergalactic city on Mars' scene, Midjourney produces more convincing and intricate results vs. Bing. The depth, lighting, and overall creativity stands out as superior in the Midjourney version.

Astronaut Riding a Horse Prompt

Testing an 'astronaut riding a horse' prompt reveals a similar advantage for Midjourney. While Bing's image parses the concept, Midjourney's execution shows more flair and personality with vivid backgrounds.

The Convenience Factor of Chat-Based Image Generation

Despite lagging in raw image quality, Bing Chat integration provides a major convenience factor. Easy access through search and chat vs. needing separate apps gives it an advantage for casual use. As the technology matures, quality may reach parity while retaining chat accessibility.

Ease of Access Advantage

By integrating directly into search and chat, Bing removes friction needed for AI image creation. Midjourney requires managing a separate app and experience. Bing's chat approach could capture more casual, everyday use for the average user.

Midjourney Still Leads in Quality

Focusing just on image quality and capabilities for now, Midjourney retains a significant lead over Bing. It offers more options for different styles and realism levels, even as Bing Image Creator improves over time.

The Future and Potential of AI Image Generators

AI image generation technology will continue rapidly advancing in the years ahead. As systems like DALL-E, Midjourney and Bing Image Creator improve, they could transform how people create and interact with visual content and concepts. Responsible development and use will be crucial as these generative models become more accessible.


Q: What AI image generators allow free access?
A: Currently only Bing Chat provides free access to DALL-E image generation capabilities, though it is still in preview.

Q: Is the Bing Chat image creator as good as Midjourney?
A: No, Bing Chat and DALL-E still lag behind Midjourney in terms of image quality and creativity based on sample tests.

Q: How do I access the Bing Chat image creation preview?
A: You can access it by going to bing.com/create in Microsoft Edge or signing up for the Bing Preview program.