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4 Clever Prompt Hacks to Get the Most Out of Bing Chatbot

Author: Brie KirbysonTime: 2024-02-03 02:20:01

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Introduction to Leveraging Bing's Abilities for Improved Tasks

Bing's new AI chatbot offers significant improvements over ChatGPT, provided you craft effective prompts utilizing its connection to internet searches. Without proper prompting, Bing can end conversations prematurely or delete responses. This blog shares techniques to create better Bing prompts for superior performance on writing, research, content creation, task completion, and more.

Comparing Bing and ChatGPT Capabilities

Bing's key advantage is its ability to perform internet searches, providing more accurate, up-to-date information versus ChatGPT's self-contained knowledge. However, Bing has stricter guardrails, occasionally blocking or deleting content it deems questionable. Rephrasing prompts sometimes resolves this. Overall, Bing generates better outputs when asked to lookup information first.

Leveraging Bing's Internet Search Abilities for Accurate Information

The key to getting quality responses from Bing is to explicitly ask it to perform a search relevant to your request before answering. This taps into Bing's extensive access to the internet versus relying solely on its AI-generated language capabilities.

Looking Up Relevant Information First

A prompt structure like "Look up X then use that to Y" takes advantage of Bing's search skills. For example, "Look up gardening tips from Epic Gardening, then use that to write a beginner-friendly paragraph on planting roses." This produces better content than asking Bing to blindly write about roses.

Double Checking Accuracy

Even with search enabled, Bing sometimes generates false information, requiring verification. Enable fact checking by having Bing cite its references inline so you can validate accuracy. Structure prompts to provide sources, like "According to the research you did in Step 1 on rose care, what months are best for planting them?"

Teaching Bing New Skills for Enhanced Creativity

Bing's search abilities allow "teaching" it new skills on the fly. Prompt it to lookup detailed tutorials first, then apply that knowledge to a hands-on task. This level of adaptability outperforms ChatGPT.

Generating AI Art Prompts

For example, prompt Bing to "Study guides on crafting Midjourney image prompts, then use what you learned to suggest 3 prompts for fantasy landscapes." Bing will research image prompt creation before providing original ones you can use to create AI art.

Improving Your Writing

Similarly, ask Bing to "Lookup editing guidelines professional publishers use, then critique my essay draft for issues." Bing will identify areas for improvement based on editing standards, elevating writing quality.

Completing Tasks through Bing

Bing speeds completing tedious tasks like correspondence. Prompt it to assume a specific role, then carry out related duties. "Pretend you are my lawyer and write a payment reminder to Client X" auto-generates a professional invoice.

Writing Emails and Cover Letters

For job application emails, provide Bing key details to fabricate more authentic messages, such as "Write a cover letter for an animation role at Pixar. I have a degree in 3D Modeling, 5 years Maya experience at Disney, and advanced character posing skills." Bing produces tailored samples.


Q: How is Bing different from ChatGPT?
A: Bing is connected to the internet so it can search and provide more accurate, up-to-date information in its responses. ChatGPT is limited to its original training data.

Q: What's the best Bing conversation mode?
A: For most prompts, use the 'More Creative' mode to get the most engaging Bing responses.

Q: How do I get the most out of Bing's search abilities?
A: Structure your prompt to tell Bing to 'look up' or 'research' a topic first before providing a tailored response.

Q: Should I fact-check Bing's responses?
A: Yes, always double check facts, figures, and data that Bing provides by clicking through to its reference links.

Q: Can Bing help me improve my writing?
A: Yes, you can get high-quality feedback by asking Bing to critique your work and provide editing advice.

Q: What kinds of tasks can I automate with Bing?
A: Bing can generate emails, cover letters, invoices, and other business/administrative documents.

Q: How do I restart a chat session with Bing?
A: Click the broom icon to start a fresh chat when you reach the 10 prompt limit per session.

Q: What tips will improve my Bing chat prompts?
A: Be very specific in your instructions, ask Bing to 'look up' info first, and go step-by-step instead of full rewrites.

Q: Where can I learn more Bing prompt examples?
A: Check out the free prompt cheat sheet linked in the video description for more Bing prompt hacks.

Q: What are the key takeaways for using Bing effectively?
A: Leverage searches, be specific, fact check, teach skills, automate tasks, and follow prompting best practices.