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How Microsoft Bing's AI Chatbot Tops ChatGPT

Author: Gary ExplainsTime: 2024-02-03 00:55:00

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Bing Stays Updated with Current Events

The new Bing chatbot has some key advantages over ChatGPT, one of which is that it stays updated on current events. While ChatGPT has a fixed dataset cutoff date, Bing continues to ingest new information from across the internet. This allows it to provide more accurate and timely responses about recent news and events.

For example, when asked what the tallest building in the world is, ChatGPT answers with information as of September 2021. In contrast, Bing provides the same answer but notes it comes from checking multiple up-to-date sources. Bing can also answer questions about very recent news like the Microsoft-Nvidia deal regarding Activision Blizzard.

Dubai's Tallest Building Example

To demonstrate this difference, I asked both chatbots what the tallest building in the world is. ChatGPT said the Burj Khalifa in Dubai based on its September 2021 knowledge cutoff date. Bing provided the same answer but noted it came from checking current sources, showing its knowledge stays updated.

Nvidia - Activision Blizzard Deal

When asked about the recent Nvidia-Microsoft deal related to Activision Blizzard, Bing knew the details about Microsoft's plan to purchase the gaming studio and Nvidia's 10-year agreement. This shows Bing has ingested very recent news that occurred after ChatGPT's dataset cutoff date.

Elon Musk's Latest Tweet

As another example, I asked Bing what Elon Musk's latest tweet was. It provided the text and a link to his actual Twitter account, demonstrating an ability to access extremely current information from the internet.

Rewriting Content for Specific Audiences

Another area where Bing outperforms ChatGPT is rewriting content for different audiences. When given a text sample, Bing can rewrite it in an entirely new style suitable for a specified target audience. For example, when asked to rewrite a text about WiFi 6 for teenagers, it generated an informal explanatory piece using casual language.

While ChatGPT can rewrite text to some degree, Bing seems superior at completely changing the tone and style for different readers. This could make it very useful for content creators tailoring work for different demographics.

More Accurate Answers for Math Questions

ChatGPT struggles with certain math questions, while Bing leverages search to provide more accurate numerical answers. For example, when asked to calculate 7 to the power of 42, ChatGPT simply provided the number of zeros in the result. However, Bing gave the full precise calculation after likely searching for the solution online.

This demonstrates Bing's ability to tap into more knowledge sources when ChatGPT falls short. For certain questions that require definitive answers, like math problems, Bing's search functionality allows more reliable responses.

Voice and Mobile Capabilities

Unlike ChatGPT, Bing is accessible via voice commands on mobile devices. You can ask Bing questions verbally on an Android smartphone and receive audible replies. This makes querying the chatbot much more natural and convenient without typing on a desktop computer.

The mobile integration greatly expands Bing's reach and usability compared to ChatGPT's text-only interface. With the rise of voice assistants and search on phones, Bing is better positioned as an AI chatbot thanks to its flexibility across platforms and input methods.

Potential for Further Improvements

While Bing's chatbot capabilities are impressive, there is still room for improvement. Some responses indicate the limitations in its training, especially related to answering subjective questions. However, the core functionality of providing updated information, accurate answers, and conversational search is very promising.

As Microsoft continues to refine the chatbot, Bing could become an incredibly useful AI assistant. With further training on conversation nuance and integration across more platforms, Bing may solve many of ChatGPT's current shortcomings.


Q: What is the key benefit of Bing over ChatGPT?
A: Bing stays more up-to-date on current events compared to ChatGPT which has a knowledge cutoff date.

Q: Can Bing rewrite content like ChatGPT?
A: Yes, Bing has shown the ability to rewrite content for specific target audiences just like ChatGPT.

Q: Is Bing better at answering math questions?
A: Yes, by connecting to external sources, Bing provided a more accurate answer to a complex math question.

Q: Can you access Bing's AI via voice or mobile?
A: Yes, unique capabilities of Bing include voice input and integration on Android smartphones.

Q: What does the future look like for Bing's AI chatbot?
A: There is great potential for further improvements as the technology continues advancing.