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Automate Interactive PowerPoint Presentation Creation with AI

Author: ClassPointTime: 2024-02-11 15:10:01

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Use ChatGPT to Build PowerPoint Presentation Outline

The first method to create an interactive PowerPoint presentation is to use ChatGPT to build the initial slide outline and structure. By providing ChatGPT with your presentation topic and key points, it can generate the slides and content.

We recommend using the prompt provided in the description to get started. Paste it into ChatGPT, customize it for your topic, and generate the slide outline.

Review the outline ChatGPT provides, expanding or clarifying any topics as needed. Then reformat it into concise bullet points to serve as your slide content.

Paste Prompt to Get Slide Structure

An effective prompt for ChatGPT to create a PowerPoint presentation outline is provided in the video description. Paste this into ChatGPT as a starting point, customizing it for your specific presentation topic and goals. The prompt instructs ChatGPT to generate around 8 slides with titles and detailed content explaining each key point. Review the resulting outline, editing anything that needs more clarification.

Refine and Format the Outline

Once ChatGPT generates the outline, read through the content to make sure it covers all the key points well. Ask follow-up questions if any part needs more detail. Then reformat the outline by having ChatGPT convert it into concise bullet points. This structures it nicely for importing into a PowerPoint deck.

Transfer Outline to PowerPoint Using Word

An easy way to transfer the ChatGPT outline into a PowerPoint deck is by first pasting it into a Word document. Paste the slide titles as Heading 1 styles, subtitles as Heading 2, and content as normal text.

Then use Word's Export PowerPoint feature (File > Export > Export as PowerPoint Presentation) to automatically create the slides. The headings will become the slide titles in PowerPoint.

If needed, you can then apply PowerPoint Designer to polish the visual style. But for more dynamic options, keep watching...

Make Presentation Interactive with Classpoint Quizzes

To make the PowerPoint interactive, use the Classpoint add-in to effortlessly generate quiz questions for your slides. Classpoint's AI analyzes slide content and suggests engaging multiple choice, true/false, matching, and other quiz questions.

Download Classpoint for free and install the add-in. When viewing a slide while presenting, click the Classpoint tab and select AI to generate a smart quiz question. Customize if desired and add it as an interactive element. Repeat this for multiple slides to add more engagement.

Automate PowerPoint Build with VBA Codes

For a more automated PowerPoint creation process, ChatGPT can generate VBA code to populate slides based on your outline content. VBA is Microsoft's programming language for task automation.

Use the provided VBA prompt in ChatGPT. Copy the resulting code and paste it into PowerPoint's Visual Basic editor (Developer tab > Visual Basic). Running the code will automatically create the presentation based on your outline.

Combine with other tips like PowerPoint Designer and Classpoint for maximum impact with minimal effort!

Leverage AIPRM for More PowerPoint Prompts

A handy resource called AIPRM (AI Prompt Resource Manager) provides a library of prompts specifically for ChatGPT, including for PowerPoint automation. Install the AIPRM Chrome extension to access it.

Search for "PowerPoint" and find prewritten prompts to have ChatGPT generate a full presentation outline along with VBA code to populate the slides automatically. This makes the process even simpler.

Follow along with the video to see AIPRM in action, and take advantage of many other AI-powered prompts for content creation.

Enhance Visuals Using AI Image Generators

Get Image Prompts from ChatGPT

ChatGPT itself can provide effective prompts for visuals to use in your PPT slides. After finalizing your presentation content, use ChatGPT to generate descriptive prompts for visuals to match each slide. Paste prompts like "beautiful image conveying the idea of slide X" into a tool like Bing Image Creator, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion to instantly produce relevant graphics for your deck.

Create Images with Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation model capable of producing high-quality graphics from text prompts. Combined with prompts from ChatGPT, it makes visually enhancing PPT slides simple. Copy prompts ChatGPT provides, paste into Stable Diffusion web UI like Automatic1111, run the model, choose an appealing output image, and insert into your presentation. Playing with words in the prompt can help evolve the visuals until you have eye catching slides supporting your message.

Add Gamification Elements

Along with interactive questions, inject fun and motivation into your PPT with Classpoint gamification tools like leaderboards, scoring, levels and badges. Or explore adding actual games and puzzles into slides.

Gamification taps into our innate love of play to boost engagement. Combine it with the creative AI techniques covered to take your next presentation to the next level!


As illustrated, infusing AI throughout the PowerPoint process - from initial outline to visually appealing final slides - is totally doable even for non-programmers. The key is leveraging tools like ChatGPT, Classpoint and VBA to automate repetitive tasks.

The result is dynamic, engaging presentations that make both building and delivering content not just easier, but more fun. With these creative AI-powered techniques, producing amazing PowerPoints is within anyone's reach!


Q: How do I get an outline from ChatGPT?
A: Paste a predefined prompt, customize for your topic, then have ChatGPT generate slide titles and details. Refine as needed.

Q: What's the easiest way to put my outline into PowerPoint?
A: Copy the outline into Word, style headings, then export as PowerPoint. This automates transferring content.

Q: How can I make my presentation interactive?
A: Use Classpoint's AI features to automatically generate quiz questions. Get live audience responses.

Q: What are VBA codes?
A: VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It's code that can automate PowerPoint building when run.

Q: What is AIPRM for ChatGPT?
A: A Chrome extension with prompts tailored for ChatGPT. Makes presentations faster.

Q: How do I create images for my presentation?
A: Ask ChatGPT to suggest prompts for your topic. Generate images with Stable Diffusion.

Q: What gamification can I add?
A: Classpoint has built-in games, or try other PowerPoint gamification ideas.

Q: What other AI presentation tips are there?
A: Check out the additional video for more AI presentation advice!

Q: Can AI really build an entire presentation?
A: Yes! By combining multiple AI tools you can automate most presentation creation.

Q: Does this produce quality presentations?
A: It provides a strong starting point. Refinement produces professional, engaging presentations.