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Bing AI Gets Massive Upgrades: Plugins, Waitlist Removed, Chat History, and Multimedia Answers

Author: Brie KirbysonTime: 2024-02-06 05:10:00

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Bing AI Now Supports Helpful Plugins Like OpenTable and WolframAlpha

Microsoft recently announced some major upgrades to Bing AI, including support for plugins. This allows Bing to connect to external services and data sources, expanding what it can do.

Some of the plugins shown in their preview include OpenTable for restaurant reservations and WolframAlpha for advanced math and data calculations. Having plugins gives Bing expanded capabilities more like what ChatGPT has slowly been rolling out to paid users.

OpenTable Reservations

The OpenTable plugin for Bing AI allows users to search for restaurants, check availability and make reservations directly within the chat interface. This eliminates the need to switch between apps or services. Once you find a restaurant you want to book, you can simply tap the OpenTable icon and it will walk you through selecting a date, time, party size and finalizing the reservation.

WolframAlpha for Math and Data Visualization

WolframAlpha is known for expert-level knowledge and computational abilities, especially around math, science and statistics. By integrating this plugin, Bing can now understand and respond to complex math problems. It can calculate equations, perform conversions, analyze datasets and even generate graphs and visualizations.

No More Waitlist - Bing AI is Now Available to Everyone

Unlike ChatGPT which still has a long waitlist for access, Microsoft has opened up Bing AI to everyone already. There is no more waitlist to get started chatting with Bing.

All you need is a Microsoft account, which is free to create. Then visit Bing.com in Microsoft Edge and look for the chat icon on the right side. This will open up the chat interface so you can start asking Bing questions.

Chat History and Persistence Allow You to Revisit Conversations

One of the most requested features for Bing AI was the ability to look back at previous chats. Now Microsoft is adding chat history so you can revisit conversations.

They are also adding what they call "persistence" which allows Bing to remember context across chat sessions. So you can pick up in a later chat where you left off previously.

This feature is great for collaborating with others or researching ideas over multiple sessions. You can even export chats to share or refer back to later.

Bing Can Now Respond With Images, Charts, Maps and Videos

DALL-E 2 Image Generation

Bing AI already had integration with DALL-E 2 to generate images based on text prompts. Now this is getting enhanced to support more languages beyond just English. So you can request an image by describing it in whichever language you prefer and Bing will respond with an AI-generated graphic.

Multimodal Inputs Using Images

In addition to generating images, Bing can now also take in images you provide to it as part of your prompt or question. This multimodal input allows you to show Bing examples of what you mean visually instead of just describing it in words.

Leverage These Upgrades to Get More from Your Bing AI Conversations

With all of these new features and capabilities, Bing AI is becoming much more useful and practical for day-to-day needs.

Take advantage of plugins to simplify booking reservations or leveraging WolframAlpha's computational knowledge right within your chats.

The chat history also opens up many new possibilities for collaborating, researching, and referencing previous conversations.

Overall these upgrades make Bing AI not just a novelty chatbot, but a truly useful AI assistant.


Q: When will the Bing AI upgrades be available?
A: The waitlist removal happens today, May 4th. Other features like chat history will follow shortly after.

Q: Do I need to sign up for anything to use the new Bing AI features?
A: No, Bing AI is now freely available without a waitlist.

Q: Can Bing AI create images like DALL-E?
A: Yes, Bing has DALL-E 2 integration allowing users to generate images.