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Free AI Image Generation with Dali 3: Features, Capabilities, and How to Use

Author: Photopea ProTime: 2024-01-21 07:25:00

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Introduction to Dali 3 AI Image Generator

Dali 3, which is at the forefront of AI image technology, is now available for free public testing until November 2022. Developed by Microsoft as part of Bing search, Dali 3 allows anyone to easily generate custom AI images through simple natural language prompts. With advanced diffusion models, the image quality and fidelity already rivals other popular AI image generators.

What is Dali 3?

Dali 3 is the code name for Microsoft's latest AI image generation model. Built using state-of-the-art diffusion models, it is designed to create photorealistic images from text descriptions. Dali 3 is currently being tested as part of Microsoft's Bing search engine under the name 'Bing Image Creator'.

Key Benefits of Dali 3

Some key benefits of Dali 3 include:

  • Free to use until November 2022
  • Can handle very complex and detailed prompts
  • Excellent text interpretation abilities
  • User-friendly natural language interface
  • Fast generation speeds

Current Availability of Dali 3

Dali 3 is currently available for free public testing until November 2022. You can access it by going to bing.com/create and signing up for a free Microsoft account. It allows up to 100 free fast generations per week.

Getting Started with Dali 3

Getting started with Dali 3 is quick and easy. Simply go to bing.com/create and either sign in with your Microsoft account or create one for free. You'll then be presented with a simple text prompt bar where you can start entering what you want Dali 3 to generate.

Signing Up for a Free Account

Creating a free Microsoft account takes just a minute or two. You'll need to provide an email address and create a password. Once your account is setup, you can then login at bing.com/create to start using Dali 3.

Understanding the Dali 3 Interface

The Dali 3 interface is very simple and user-friendly. There is a text prompt bar at the top where you enter what you want it to generate. On the right, it shows your usage statistics and history. Once you enter a prompt, click Create and Dali 3 will start generating images.

Creating Images with Dali 3

One of the most impressive aspects of Dali 3 is its ability to handle both simple and extremely complex prompts with ease. The key is using natural language to describe exactly what you want to generate.

Simple vs Complex Prompts

For simple prompts, you can just enter basic descriptions like "chocolate cake with raspberries". For complex prompts, you can provide detailed specifications like "1980s polaroid photo of Spider-Man in a pub with his pet crocodile".

Regenerating Images

If you don't like the initial images generated, you can simply click the Create button again to have Dali 3 generate different versions using the same prompt.

Handling Text Prompts

Dali 3 does an excellent job of interpreting text in images. For example, it can generate an image of "Spider-Man holding a sign that says Batman sucks" by perfectly integrating custom text.

The Future of Dali 3

Integration with ChatGPT

In November 2022, Dali 3 will be integrated into ChatGPT as part of ChatGPT's new Pro subscription plan, which is expected to cost around $20/month. This integration will provide additional features beyond what is currently available in the free preview version.

Pricing After November 2022

Once Dali 3 moves out of its current free public preview phase, access will require a paid ChatGPT Pro subscription. However, Microsoft has not confirmed exact pricing details yet.


Dali 3 represents an exciting advancement in AI-generated image technology. The free public preview allows anyone to easily experiment with creating detailed custom images through natural language prompts. As Dali 3 continues to improve, integrate with ChatGPT, and transition to a paid model, it promises to be an invaluable creative tool for a wide range of applications.


Q: Is Dali 3 free to use?
A: Yes, Dali 3 is currently available for free in a pre-release user testing phase until November 2022.

Q: What types of images can I generate with Dali 3?
A: You can generate all kinds of images with Dali 3 using natural language prompts. It handles simple and very complex, detailed prompts well.

Q: How good is the image quality from Dali 3?
A: The image fidelity is decent but not as advanced as platforms like Midjourney yet. However, it has much better text handling abilities.

Q: Can I reuse my prompt to regenerate different images?
A: Yes, you can keep the same prompt and click create again to have Dali 3 generate new images based on the same description.

Q: What happens after Dali 3 testing ends?
A: Dali 3 will be integrated into ChatGPT's Pro plan for a monthly subscription fee. It will have additional features but no longer be free.

Q: Is there a limit to how many images I can generate?
A: During testing, you get 100 free fast generations per week. After those are used up, you can still generate images but it will take longer.

Q: Can I download my generated images?
A: Yes, Dali 3 allows you to download your AI generated images as JPEGs onto your hard drive.

Q: How do I save images I like to access later?
A: Dali 3 shows your recently generated images on the right side. You can click back to access up to around 10 of your past images.

Q: Do I need any special skills to use Dali 3?
A: No, Dali 3 is designed for anyone to use easily with natural language prompting. No special skills are required.

Q: What happens if I don't like the images generated?
A: You can simply tweak your prompt and click create again until Dali 3 generates something you are satisfied with.