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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Microsoft's Cutting-Edge AI Image Generator

Author: AI ExplorersTime: 2024-01-21 08:55:00

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Introduction to Microsoft's New AI Image Creator

Microsoft recently unveiled an AI-powered image generator integrated into Bing search. This cutting-edge tool allows users to create high-quality images simply by typing text prompts. In this post, we'll explore the capabilities of this new feature, best practices for generating stunning visuals, and how to troubleshoot any issues.

Powered by the advanced DALL-E model, Bing's image creator opens up exciting new creative possibilities. With just a few words, you can produce original images ready for use in documents, presentations, blogs, social media posts, and more. TheGenerated images have a distinctive artistic style thanks to the AI system's training on millions of images.

Powered by DALL-E Model for High-Quality Images

Microsoft's new image creator runs on the DALL-E model, a state-of-the-art AI system from OpenAI. DALL-E has learned the relationship between text and imagery from analyzing a massive dataset of images and captions. Thanks to this deep learning, DALL-E can generate highly realistic, creative pictures based on text prompts. From stunning landscapes to quirky characters, the range of images it can produce is remarkable.

Two Ways to Generate Images - Quick Boosts or Longer Generation

Bing offers two modes for image generation: quick boosts using credits, or standard generation without boosts. With boosts enabled, images render rapidly in 5-10 seconds. But you only get 25 complimentary boosts before needing to earn more. Without boosts, image creation takes around 5-6 minutes per prompt. The tradeoff is slightly lower quality results compared to using boosts. You can redeem additional boosts using Microsoft Rewards points earned through Bing searches.

Customizing Your Image Prompts for Best Results

Crafting the perfect text prompt is key to producing your desired image with the AI creator. Some best practices: Use natural language structured as a noun describing the main subject, optionally with modifiers before and after.

For instance: "A fuzzy alien doing yoga in a cyberpunk city." This prompt format ensures accurate image generation.

You can get creative with modifiers like adjectives, verbs, and styles. Be as descriptive as possible—let your imagination run wild! But avoid overly complicated or abstract prompts.

Saving and Downloading Your Favorite Generated Images

As you generate images, you'll likely produce some masterpieces you want to save and download. When an image you like appears, simply click the save icon to add it to your favorites collection accessible through the toolbar.

You can also download any image as a file for local use. Just click the download button below your chosen picture. Downloaded images can then be used across documents, shared on social media, or printed.

Troubleshooting Issues with Body Parts in Generated Images

Sometimes the AI image creator may struggle with accurately rendering body parts like hands, eyes, or legs. To avoid quality issues, modify prompts to avoid depicting problematic anatomy.

For example, rather than saying "A person petting a dog", try "A dog with a happy expression". This will still capture the right idea without triggering rendering glitches.

Earning More Boosts to Keep Generating Quickly

Using Bing Rewards Points for More Image Boosts

As mentioned, you can extend your supply of rapid image boosts by redeeming Microsoft Rewards points. Earn points simply by searching with Bing daily on any device. 3 points per search adds up quickly. Just 500 points can be exchanged for 5 more image creator boosts. Plus, Microsoft replenishes some complimentary boosts weekly. So stay active with Bing searches to fuel your next AI art session!

Personalizing Your Experience with ChatGPT Suggestions

For fresh inspiration on captivating images to generate, you can integrate ChatGPT into your creative workflow. ChatGPT can provide personalized prompt ideas tailored to your interests.

Simply access your ChatGPT account and paste the provided formula (see video description) into the Chat window. ChatGPT will respond with unique image ideas you can instantly try out in Bing's creator, no more guesswork needed!

Conclusion and Next Steps

With Microsoft's new AI image generator, unlocking your creative potential is just a few clicks away. We covered all the capabilities of this groundbreaking tool, from leveraging the advanced DALL-E model to saving your masterpieces.

Remember these tips for image prompt best practices, troubleshooting tricks, earning boosts, and even integrating ChatGPT to effortlessly explore new ideas. Now go forth and use these AI superpowers to produce stunning artwork!


Q: What AI model powers the Bing image creator?
A: The Bing image creator is powered by OpenAI's Dall-E model for high-quality image generation.

Q: How can I get more boosts for quick image generation?
A: You can earn more boosts by using your Microsoft rewards points which are earned by searching on Bing daily on any device.

Q: What should I do if there are issues with body parts in my generated images?
A: Modify your image prompt to avoid showing problematic body parts to improve quality.