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How to Upgrade to a Level 4 Village in Minecraft and Complete Associated Quest

Author: Bodil40Time: 2024-01-08 03:10:01

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Introduction to Upgrading Your Minecraft Village Rating

Upgrading your Minecraft village to achieve a rating of 4 stars is an exciting yet challenging quest that requires strategic planning and dedication. A sturdy, developed village with multiple buildings, beds, and NPCs is necessary as a starting point. The journey then involves gathering significant materials like wood planks and special wood from caves to meet the upgrade requirements set by the village statue.

Achieving a 4-star village rating unlocks new structures, items, recipes, and other benefits for your world. The upgraded village also completes an important quest that provides you reward. This guide will cover the overview, steps, and tips to upgrade your village effectively.

Overview of Village Upgrade Requirements

Upgrading the first few levels of your village mainly involves gathering standard materials like wooden rods and planks which can be obtained from the lumber mill. However, to reach the 4-star rating, you need to collect 15 wood planks as well as 10 special sturdy wood that is found in caves. The process starts by checking the upgrade requirements listed at the village statue. Once you have gathered the necessary items, you can interact with the statue again to trigger the upgrade.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Village

Achieving a 4-star rating village provides the following unlockables and benefits:

  • New structures like beds and buildings
  • Additional crafting recipes
  • Completion of an associated village upgrade quest that provides special rewards
  • Improved reputation and attractiveness for your world

Gathering Necessary Materials for Village Upgrade

With an overview of the upgrade requirements and benefits covered, it's time to start gathering the materials. As outlined by the village statue, you need 15 wood planks and 10 special sturdy wood from caves. Let's look at how to obtain each one.

Crafting Wood Planks

Wood planks can be easily crafted using standard wood at the lumber mill workbench found in the village. You need at least 15 planks to meet the 4-star rating requirement.

  1. Chop down trees near your village to gather regular wood.
  2. Go to the lumber mill workbench.
  3. Select the wood plank recipe and craft 15 planks using your collected wood.
  4. Take the crafted planks and prepare to collect the special wood next.

Exploring Caves to Obtain Special Wood

The special 'Sturdy Wood' material for village upgrades can only be obtained by exploring caves with the Forest Axe equipped. You need to chop down unique trees found underground. Here are the steps to obtain around 10 Sturdy Wood:

  1. Craft a Forest Axe at your village workbench if you don't already have one
  2. Locate a cave entrance near your village and prepare to explore it
  3. Chop down special trees you find deep in the caves to collect Sturdy Wood
  4. Gather around 10 Sturdy Wood then return safely back to your village

Upgrading the Village Rating

With the 15 wood planks and 10 sturdy wood from caves gathered, you now have all the required materials to upgrade your village rating. Interact with the village statue once more to trigger the 4-star rating upgrade.

Interacting with the Village Statue

  1. Approach the Village Statue located centrally in your settlement
  2. Access the menu to check if you have met the material requirements
  3. Select the option to upgrade your village rating to 4 stars

Completing the Associated Quest

Upgrading to a 4-star village rating should complete the related quest that was initially activated. This special village upgrade quest unlocks fun rewards like:

  • Special Outfits
  • Building Supplies
  • Crafting Recipes
  • Battle Stars & Experience Points Be sure to claim these quest rewards after completing the village upgrade at the 4-star level!


Achieving a 4-star village rating is a meaningful accomplishment that shows dedication, strategic planning, and effort. This guide covers how to efficiently gather necessary upgrade materials like wood planks and sturdy wood, navigate cave exploration, and ultimately trigger the rating increase at the village statue.

Upgrading unlocks exciting new structures, items, and recipes for your world. It also completes an associated quest that grants special rewards. Use these tips to plan your village upgrade journey - the benefits are well worth it!


Q: How long does it take to upgrade a village to level 4?
A: It takes around 1 hour of gameplay to gather the necessary materials and upgrades to reach village level 4.

Q: What items do I need to upgrade my village?
A: You need 15 wood planks which are crafted from basic wood, as well as 10 special sturdy wood that is gathered by exploring caves and mining it with an axe.

Q: What benefits do I get from upgrading to a level 4 village?
A: Upgrading to a level 4 village unlocks new beds, recipes, and other rewards.