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Unlocking Ancient Egyptian Alchemical Wisdom and Secrets for Self-Transformation

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Exploring the Energetic Merkaba Field and Tetrahedron Geometry

The ancient Egyptians first used the term Merkaba to describe the energetic field around the human body. It is shaped like two tetrahedrons, one pointing up and one pointing down, which forms the Star of David shape. This shape actually comes from the eight original cells that make up the human body, which is our DNA.

There is a breathing practice that can be used to simulate and open your Merkaba permanently. If practiced for over a year it can become permanently open. Meditation and Kundalini energy practices also help to increase this energy field around the body. Some people have more expanded energy fields than others naturally, but spiritual practices can further expand anyone's energy field.

Activating Kundalini Energy Through Breathing Practices

There are yogic breathing techniques that use breathing patterns to expand your energy field outwards. Through conscious yogic breathing practices, you can change your breathing patterns to further expand your Merkaba field. Thoughts can also be used to stimulate the chakras and amplify your energy. When certain vibrational thoughts are sent out, they manifest according to that vibration. Breathing is the most direct physical way to open chakras and amplify energy. The deeper and longer the breath, the more the energy expands.

Cultivating Positive Vibrations to Amplify Your Energy

Generating and sharing positive vibes with others amplifies your own energy. Energy is exchanged between people through mechanisms like pheromones. Pheromones communicate emotional states and trigger responses in others' brains. maintaining positive emotional states keeps energy systems balanced. Things like thyroid health impact emotions. Various spiritual and meditation practices help cultivate positive vibration states.

Tracing the Cyclical Ages and Lost Civilizations

The history of the world goes through cycles like a tree. There are four main ages: the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Copper Age, and the current Iron Age. The Golden and Silver ages represented ancient advanced civilizations like Atlantis that had perfect balance and highly advanced science/art.

After declining into more chaotic ages, modern societies reemerged. Fantastic ancient civilizations like Egypt and the Mayans established but also fell into more primitive ages over time. This decent corresponded with the origins of organized religion as people sought meaning.

We are currently in the Iron Age that is characterized by extreme violence, inequality, and division. However, we are also entering a brief period of spiritual enlightenment known as the Confluence Age as the old age ends and a new Golden Age begins.

Entering a New Age of Spiritual Awakening and Limitless Possibilities

The rapid changes happening to the earth's climate are caused by mankind's destructive practices over time abusing nature's balance. However, this is also awakening humanity to respect nature again.

The emerging generation of youth are rising in consciousness and have natural abilities to manipulate energy and matter with their minds. This ''Alpha'' generation, utilizing augmented intelligence, will restore balance and take humanity into a new Golden Age.


Q: What is the merkaba energy field?
A: The merkaba is the energetic field surrounding the body, shaped like two tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids), one pointing up and one pointing down.

Q: How can I activate my kundalini energy?
A: Consistent breathing exercises like those practiced in yoga can stimulate the kundalini energy flow through the chakras for expanded consciousness.

Q: What are the cyclical ages described?
A: The cyclical ages traced are the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, Iron Age and emerging into the Aquarian Age, reflecting states of collective consciousness.