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Is Microsoft Bing Chatbot Using GPT-4? A Hands-on Review

Author: William KwanTime: 2024-02-07 00:55:01

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Introduction to Microsoft Bing Chatbot Using GPT-4 Technology

Chatbots powered by large language models like GPT-4 are the hottest topic right now. Microsoft recently launched a new chatbot feature called Bing Chat that utilizes GPT-4, representing a major advancement in conversational AI.

In this blog post, we'll provide an overview of Microsoft's new Bing Chatbot, how to access it, test it out, compare it to other chatbots, confirm it uses GPT-4, and share our final thoughts.

The Hottest Topic: Chatbots Using GPT-4

Chatbots leveraging GPT-4, the latest version of OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformer, are gaining immense popularity. GPT-4 can hold more conversational context, answer follow-up questions, and generate more coherent responses than previous versions. Microsoft is at the forefront of deploying GPT-4 with the launch of its new Bing Chatbot feature. This integration of large language models into search is generating tremendous buzz and represents the future of AI assistants.

Overview of Microsoft Bing Chatbot

Microsoft Bing Chat is a conversational AI chatbot that can answer natural language questions, have discussions, and perform web searches. It aims to provide users with the most relevant, up-to-date information by combining GPT-4's capabilities with Bing's search engine. Some key features of Bing Chat include: supporting multi-turn conversations, switching between precise and creative responses, and pulling real-time data from the web.

Accessing Microsoft Bing Chatbot

Microsoft has made their new Bing Chatbot easily accessible through two main channels - directly within the Microsoft Edge browser and on the Bing.com search page.

Through Microsoft Edge Browser

On the top right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser, you'll find the Bing icon. Clicking on this will open a chatbox where you can start interacting with the Bing Chatbot. No sign-in or account creation is needed to use it. You simply type or speak your queries and the chatbot will provide responses.

Through Bing.com Search Page

Alternatively, you can access Bing Chat directly from the Bing.com search page. Look for the chat icon on the top right and click on it. Again, no login is required. The chatbox will open up and you can immediately start querying the chatbot.

Testing Out Bing Chatbot

To get a firsthand experience of Bing Chat's capabilities, we tested it out by asking for a recipe, latest tax incentives, and crafting an email.

Asking for a Recipe

When we prompted Bing Chat to provide a recipe for meatloaf, it responded with concise step-by-step instructions. It included steps like preheating the oven, mixing the ingredients, shaping the meatloaf, baking, and letting it rest. It also provided links to full recipes on popular cooking websites for more details. The response was focused and factual, likely using its Precise mode.

Asking for Latest Tax Incentives

Seeking the latest Australian tax incentives led to a conversation with the chatbot. It confirmed there were no new incentives beyond September 2021 based on its searches. This exemplified Bing Chat's ability to respond, clarify, and provide updated information by tapping into the web.

Email Copywriting Example

When prompted to write a promotional email for Tony Robbins as his copywriter, Bing Chat generated a lengthy email with a catchy subject line, body content, and call-to-action. It exhibited the chatbot's Creative mode, generating an email that aligned with Tony Robbins' signature style. The message was persuasive and optimally formatted.

Comparing Bing Chatbot to Other Chatbots

We compared key aspects of Microsoft's new Bing Chatbot to leading alternative chatbots powered by GPT-3 technology.

Speed and Response Quality

In our testing, Bing Chat took more time to generate responses compared to chatbots like Anthropic's Claude. However, Bing's responses were more precise and accurate. This is likely because beyond its GPT-4 foundation, Bing Chat supplements its responses with real-time web searches to provide updated, factual information.

Creative vs. Precise Modes

A standout feature of Bing Chat is its ability to toggle between creative and precise responses. Most other chatbots lack this level of context switching. This allows Bing Chat to flex its capabilities and have natural, engaging conversations while also providing reliable information as needed.

Confirming Bing Chatbot Uses GPT-4 Technology

Based on its responses, features, and announcements from Microsoft, we can confirm the new Bing Chatbot leverages GPT-4.

Directly Asking the Chatbot

When directly asked whether it uses GPT-4, Bing Chat responded by pointing to announcements from Microsoft stating they have upgraded to GPT-4 technology.

References from Microsoft

Additionally, Microsoft executives have shared specifics on how they have customized GPT-4 for integration into Bing Chat. The chatbot's capabilities align with the advancements expected from GPT-4.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Microsoft's new Bing Chatbot represents an exciting evolution of conversational AI. By combining GPT-4's language generation skills with Bing's search engine, it can have informative and engaging conversations.

In our testing, Bing Chat provided detailed recipes, the latest information, creative content, and reliable responses. While it may be slower than some chatbots, its dual creative and precise modes make it very versatile.

As Microsoft continues enhancing Bing Chat, we expect its capabilities and utility to grow even further. Overall, it's a glimpse at the future of search and how AI assistants can augment human intelligence.


Q: What is GPT-4?
A: GPT-4 is the latest AI language model developed by Anthropic, the creators of Claude. It is considered more powerful and capable than previous versions like GPT-3.

Q: Is Microsoft Bing chatbot better than other chatbots?
A: In some ways yes - it seems faster, can pull more recent information, and has creative/precise modes. But other chatbots may provide more in-depth content.

Q: How do I access the Microsoft Bing chatbot?
A: You can access it through the Microsoft Edge browser or directly on the Bing.com search page. Look for the chat icon.

Q: What are the limitations of Bing chatbot?
A: It has limits like 15 prompts per conversation and 50 conversations per day. The content may not always be fully accurate.

Q: Can the Bing chatbot really use GPT-4?
A: Yes, Microsoft has confirmed Bing is using GPT-4 in their chatbot responses, making it more advanced than previous versions.

Q: Should I use the creative or precise mode in Bing?
A: Use creative for writing stories, emails, etc. Use precise for factual information.

Q: Is Bing better for recipes or other topics?
A: For recipes, other chatbots like Anthropic's Claude may provide more detail. But Bing excels at recent news/facts.

Q: Can I provide feedback to improve Bing chatbot?
A: Yes, there are options within the chat to provide feedback, rate responses, and improve Bing's capabilities over time.

Q: What are other GPT-4 chatbots besides Bing?
A: So far Bing is the only major chatbot confirmed to use GPT-4, but others will likely integrate it soon. Claude by Anthropic plans to upgrade to GPT-4 eventually.

Q: Is GPT-4 the most advanced AI yet?
A: Currently yes, GPT-4 is considered the largest and most capable AI language model. But AI research is progressing rapidly, so even more advanced versions will emerge.