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Microsoft Integrates Powerful New Bing Chat AI into Edge Browser Sidebar

Author: Geeker Mag.Time: 2024-02-07 02:15:01

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Bing Chat AI Now Accessible from Edge Browser Sidebar

Microsoft has started integrating the new Bing chatbot powered by ChatGPT AI technology into the sidebar of the Edge browser. This means users can now conveniently access the new Bing conversational search capabilities directly within the Edge browser interface without having to navigate to a separate website.

After receiving the latest Edge browser update, users will notice the Discover button has replaced the previous Explore button. Hovering over or clicking on this Discover button opens a sidebar panel with three main options: Chat, Compose, and Insights. Let's explore what functionality each of these options provides.

How to Access the New Bing Chat Feature

Selecting the Chat tab activates the new Bing chatbot and opens the "Ask me anything" box just like what displays when visiting Bing.com. Users can type queries and questions into this sidebar text box and view answers instantly within the browser window without leaving the current webpage. For example, you can ask "What is Windows 11?" and Bing chat will provide detailed information. The Bing chatbot functions identically to how it works on the Bing homepage. It allows having natural conversations to ask questions, explain concepts, summarize long passages of text, and more.

Using the Chat Functionality

The Bing chatbot is powered by advanced AI similar to ChatGPT that allows understanding context and conducting human-like conversations. It draws information from web search results to provide accurate and up-to-date answers. The chatbot also indicates when it lacks full confidence in a response. Key benefits of the new integrated Bing chat include easier access without visiting another website and viewing rich answers conveniently within the browser window. It facilitates seamless research and exploration while browsing the web.

Compose Feature Drafts Content for You

Another exceptionally useful capability in the Edge Discover panel is the Compose feature. This tool can automatically draft content including blog posts, emails, paragraphs, and ideas based on the topic parameters you provide.

For instance, say you have a blog where you regularly write about Windows tips. You want to draft a new article comparing Windows 11 versus Windows 10. After opening your blogging platform's text editor, access the Compose tool in Edge. In the "Write about" box, type your desired article title and topic - "Windows 11 versus Windows 10: Which is better". Then configure additional parameters like tone, format, and length before clicking Generate Draft.

Generating Blog Posts and Other Writings

Within seconds, Compose will return a full draft blog post providing detailed analysis of the two Windows versions. The post covers factors like UI changes, system requirements, speed, new features, and more. Review the draft to verify accuracy and quality. If satisfied with the content, simply click Copy then paste into your blog text editor. Alternatively, click Add to Side to automatically insert the draft. If you want different content, click Regenerate for a refreshed draft.

Composing Professional Emails

In addition to long-form writing, the Compose tool can generate professional email drafts based on the topic and tone parameters provided. For example, open your email client like Outlook and provide details in Compose such as: Write about - Requesting job interview, Tone - Professional, Format - Email, Length - Medium. Compose will return a thoughtful email draft including fictional names and details. Review the content and insert into your email as needed either manually or with Add to Side. The email and writing automation makes it simple to quickly produce high quality initial drafts that can be edited as desired before sending or publishing.

Website Insights Provided in the Sidebar

The Insights option within the new Discover panel gives helpful details about the website you currently have open. It displays an overview of trending topics and videos related to the site along with additional analytics.

For instance, when viewing Twitter.com, you can access data such as company information, global traffic rank, top visitor locations, links to related sites, and more. For sites you visit often, the insights provide useful glanceable information right within the browser sidebar.

Gradual Rollout of Edge and Bing Integration

Microsoft is gradually enabling the deeper Bing and Edge browser integration for users. The update is still rolling out, so not everyone will immediately have access to the Discover panel and described capabilities.

The new features integration takes advantage of backend AI to provide seamless access to enhanced search, writing tools, and website analytics directly within Edge. Over coming weeks and months, an increasing number of users will start benefiting from the Discover panel.


The integration between the new Bing chatbot and the Edge browser looks highly promising. Key highlights include easier access to AI-powered conversational search from the sidebar, automated content drafting capabilities, and glanceable website insights while browsing.

As Microsoft continues refining the Discover panel, Edge users can look forward to more convenient access to information and tools aimed at boosting productivity and efficiency during web research and content creation workflows.


Q: How do I access the new Bing chat feature in Edge?
A: You can access it by clicking the Bing button in the sidebar and going to the 'Chat' tab. It replaces the previous Discover button.

Q: Can Edge's Bing chat generate blog post drafts?
A: Yes, using the 'Compose' feature you can have it draft paragraphs, blog posts, emails and more on any topic.

Q: Does the Edge sidebar show website insights?
A: Yes, the 'Insights' tab provides information on traffic, rankings, country data and more for any website you have open.

Q: Do all Edge users have access to the new Bing features?
A: No, Microsoft is gradually rolling it out so some users may not have it yet. Check for updates to get the latest Edge integrations.

Q: Can I edit the content Bing chat generates?
A: Yes, Bing states the information comes from search data and ChatGPT, so review it and edit as necessary before publishing.

Q: How accurate is the auto-generated content?
A: The quality can vary, so always verify details. You can regenerate drafts if needed until you get satisfactory content.

Q: Can I change the tone and length of drafts?
A: Yes, choose professional, informal, blog, email etc. and set length to adjust how content is drafted for your needs.

Q: Will these features stay free to use?
A: As of now, Microsoft has not announced pricing, so enjoy the capabilities while they remain freely available.

Q: What are the overall benefits of the new Bing Edge features?
A: Increased productivity, easy access to AI-powered generation, website insights and more without leaving your browser.

Q: Are there any downsides to automated content generation?
A: Potential for inaccuracies, overreliance instead of original writing, and unintended duplicate content issues if not carefully checked.