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Review of the Air Jordan 1 Gold Top 3: A Unique Colorway on a Classic Silhouette

Author: Seth FowlerTime: 2024-01-03 21:20:00

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Overview and Background of the Air Jordan 1 Top 3

The Air Jordan 1 Top 3 is one of the most coveted Air Jordan 1 colorways in recent years. First released in 2017, the "Top 3" concept incorporates elements from the 3 most popular original Air Jordan 1 color schemes - Bred, Royal, and Chicago (Black Toe).

The 2022 "Gold Top 3" iteration elevated the hype to another level by using metallic gold patent leather instead of the standard tumbled leather. The shiny gold panels create a unique "trophy-like" aesthetic.

However, the use of patent leather also led to concerns about creasing. As patent leather is less forgiving than standard leather, wearers worried the premium look would diminish quickly with normal use.

The Original Top 3 Colorway

The original Top 3 colorway from 2017 featured the recognizable black, red and white Bred scheme on one shoe, with the black and blue Royal look on the other. The white mid panels and red outsole tied the concept together. Despite the clever use of classic elements, the original Top 3 release did not gain as much traction as Jordan Brand expected. Stock remained available at many retailers even months later.

Hype and Rarity of the Gold Top 3 Release

The 2022 Gold Top 3 incarnation completely changed the reception. Originally set as a ComplexCon exclusive with extremely limited quantities, resale prices soared over $1000. Even after a wider release, the gold patent leather and rumors of production issues kept supply low. The perfect mix of heritage colorways with a modern glossy twist skyrocketed demand.

Detailed Review of the Gold Top 3 Colorway

The patent leather upper gives the Gold Top 3 a liquid-like shine, enhancing the iconic black, white and gold color scheme. The contrast of the matte black wings logo on the metallic gold heel panel provides an extra touch of elegance.

The medial side offers the closest recreation of the beloved "Bred" look, with black leather and gold accents on the Swoosh and heel tab. The Air Jordan 1 purist in me wishes this black and gold palette was more prominent.

On-Feet Look and Styling Suggestions

On foot, the mix of patent leather sheen and matte leather panels make the Gold Top 3 a stunner. The gold outsole of the left shoe in particular pops against most pant colors.

Given the loud look, keeping the rest of the fit simple is key. Neutral colored tops and jeans allow the sneaker to shine as the statement piece.

Where to Buy the Gold Top 3 Jordan 1

With limited retailer stock selling out instantly, the only current options are resellers like StockX and GOAT. Expect to pay at least $500 over retail if buying now.

There is a small chance Nike could shock drop more units, but likely not until 2023 at the earliest. Following restock accounts and turning on notifications is critical.

For most, the premium resale prices will simply be too much. But for die hard Air Jordan fans and those who buy sneakers as investments, the current rate is justified.

Final Verdict: An Instant Classic Colorway

The overwhelming hype confirms Jordan Brand has a special hit with the Gold Top 3. The fusion of iconic heritage with modern flashy elements has created perhaps the best new Air Jordan 1 colorway in years.

Long-term value projections are extremely bullish. We may look back on the Gold Top 3 release as a pivotal moment for the sneaker collecting market.


Q: What makes the Gold Top 3 Jordan 1 unique?
A: The Gold Top 3 uses metallic patent leather in a multi-colorway design based on classic Air Jordan 1 color schemes like the "Bred" and "Black Toe".

Q: Why is there hype around this release?
A: Originally thought to be a ComplexCon exclusive with resell over $1000, wider release was a surprise, driving hype.

Q: What are the pros and cons of patent leather?
A: Pros are high-shine aesthetic, cons are easiness to crease.

Q: What is the fit like?
A: The fit is true to size like most Air Jordan 1 releases.