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The Strongest Mob in Minecraft Might Surprise You

Author: Skip the TutorialTime: 2024-01-03 22:25:00

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Start with the Weakest Mob Damage in Minecraft

When ranking mobs in Minecraft by the amount of damage they can do, we have to start at the bottom. The very weakest mobs that can damage the player are baby slimes and hoglins. On Hard difficulty, these tiny creatures deal 0 damage. They can push you around and be a nuisance, but cannot actually reduce your health.

Similarly harmless are llamas and phantoms. Llamas deal only 1 HP (half a heart) of damage when aggravated, which will barely register on your health bar. Phantoms deal 3 HP per hit, but have annoying swooping attacks that make them hard to hit. Still, these nighttime creatures are just pests compared to the stronger mobs of the Overworld.

Baby Slimes and Hoglins Have No Attack Power

At the very bottom of the mob damage spectrum are baby slimes and hoglins. On Hard mode, these miniature versions deal precisely 0 damage. Baby slimes are cute little blobs that can push you around by bouncing into you, but cannot directly hurt you no matter how many swarm. Baby hoglins are similarly harmless, only dealing 0.75 HP per hit at maximum. That's barely a half heart removed, so you likely won't even see your health bar reduce. Hardly what you'd expect from the hellish Nether!

Llama and Phantom Damage is Minimal

Slightly less harmless than baby slimes are llamas of all things. When aggravated, such as by being hit, they will spit for 1 HP of damage. That's still only half a heart removed, but at least represents something. Fun fact: llamas are the only passive mobs that can damage you while on Peaceful difficulty! Phantoms rank one tier higher in terms of threat level. The diving attacks of these undead manta rays deal 3 HP per hit. However, their tendency to attack in groups of up to 4 phantoms means their swoops can quickly chip away at your health if unprepared.

Mid-Tier Minecraft Mobs and Their Damage

How the Major Bosses Compare in Sheer Damage

Comparing the Might of the Iron Golem and the Warden

The Charged Creeper's Explosion Versus the Ghast Fireball


Q: Which mob does the most damage in Minecraft?
A: The ghast does the most damage by reflecting its fireball back at it for 1000 HP.

Q: Is the warden the strongest Minecraft mob?
A: No, while the warden does high melee damage, the ghast fireball reflection does more.